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What is SOT and How can it Help You? Sacro Occipital Technic Methods of Chiropractic and Chiropractic Craniopathy

An introduction to structural and functional Integrity

I am not intending to present a complete background, but to enhance your understanding of how Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT) treatments facilitate your body’s innate healing potential.

Sacral Occipital Technic of chiropractic (SOT) and Chiropractic Craniopathy are grounded in scientific research. Since the early 1900’s, SOT has consistently delivered exceptional results while emphasizing patient comfort. SOT is a total body technique. Its broad scope includes not only the back and neck but also the internal organs, extremities and cranial structures.

YOUR FIRST TREATMENT: Includes a complete evaluation that is conducted relying upon indicators specific to SOT as well as other traditional tests and measures. You are then placed in one of three categories for treatment. Once your category is determined, a specific program is instituted and your progress monitored until changes in your body’s indicators demonstrate the need for different treatment procedures. X-rays or other laboratory tests will be recommended if necessary.

One of the major advantages of SOT is that high velocity motions are often not necessary in the treatment process. SOT adjustments may be gently administered, some utilizing the force of gravity or with very light pressure. More traditional adjusting may also be used, but SOT treatments are always very specific to your individual needs. In SOT our primary focus is upon structural stability and integrity as well as neurological function. The basis for the human structure is the pelvis and the cranium. The spine, shoulders, neck and head sit upon the pelvis and are subject to the stresses and strain of gravity. These structures, as well as the rest of the body, are functionally maintained and controlled by the brain through the nervous system. Brain function is dependent upon optimal, motion and alignment of the cranial bones and cranial dura.

Additionally, organ function depends upon proper nerve supply from the spine. The spine in turn receives nerve reflexes from the organs that can compromise spinal mechanics. Therefore, the alignment, balance and optimal function of the cranium, pelvic, each spinal segment, organs and all of the extremities are essential to optimal health.

Exceptional results are often realized utilizing SOT and encompass all aspects of the human condition. SOT not only addresses symptoms but is also a reconstruction technique, returning your vitality to levels you may not have imagined possible. This is not because SOT works miracles but because the human body itself is a miraculous organism, capable of healing itself given optimal structure and function. Sacral Occipital Technic is truly holistic. It is a privilege to provide so complete a health care system. Only through many hundreds of hours of study and hand-on experience are we able to utilize this technique to its fullest and pass these benefits on to you and your family.

Dr. Ann Michael has over 700 hours in post graduate studies in SOT, and is certified in advanced SOT and Craniopathy.

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