What We Need is Love

Some would say, “All We Need is Love” and while I am not convinced it’s ALL we need… it’s is definitely needed, particularly in times like now. The world as we once knew it has changed and don’t think for a minute it happened on a Tuesday night a few weeks back. As we celebrate Thanksgiving and head into the Christmas season, so many will find a much needed break from the hustle and bustle and in doing so, they will take time to reflect. Some are undoubtedly feeling a sense of turmoil and despair. Relationships are being tested, and some even terminated and I hope it stops. Instead of focusing on all the negative, let’s commit to focusing on the joy before us.

Of the many blessings I often count, one that consistently remains toward the top of the list is the incredible human beings we have found ourselves acquainted with through our real estate business. I’ve always admired the depth of the connection we achieve with clients, who may only cross our paths for a few months but somehow remain in our hearts forever. I learned real quickly that politics and religion were off limits and rarely does it come up, even in times like now. I am incredibly grateful that when it really comes down to it, it simply doesn’t matter all that much, because love and kindness and a mutual respect is all that is needed to foster a relationship.

Through this column, we have shared more about our personal lives than we ever dreamed of. In the beginning I thought it was such a bad idea; after all… why would anyone really care what our lives were about? I was convinced that people only valued us for our contribution to the real estate market. Boy was I wrong. Through the Locals Guide, we have been introduced to so many walks of life. The majority reach out to us for real estate needs but often prompted by feeling that they really got to know us through our advertising and this column. They learned we weren’t your typical “salesman” and not only are we having a heck of a good time doing what we do, we are kinda good at it, too. Others just drop notes or call us to say, “Thank You” for being real and being raw. Many veterans have reached out to share their appreciation for our acknowledgments and support of their service, and an equal number of business owners and even a dozen or so Realtors, past and present who appreciate that we pretty much just say it how it is.

We have grown up with you and even became Mothers with you. We have celebrated our successes both personally and professionally, and we have suffered through illness and mourned losses together. What I appreciate so much is you all let us be who we truly are and as best I can figure, we weren’t rejected for it. Sure, I bet there are a few of you who were triggered by something we said and we aren’t going to be your first call when it comes time to sell or buy real estate but that’s okay. There’s an agent for everyone. However, I love that you are still reading this column and haven’t just shut it down and decided we are a bunch of conservative nutcases. The idea that people are “unfriending” people because they don’t agree on something is just downright heartbreaking. We must band together, we must communicate, we must put in the effort because damn it, it’s healthy and it’s worth it. Shutting down or shutting out will accomplish nothing except feelings of isolation for everyone. Times are scary and there is no better remedy than love.

Every single day, Dyan and I worry that our husbands will be killed simply for honoring their calling to be police officers. Every.Single.Day. Imagine having that in the back of your mind when you put on your big girls pants for the day and set off to be “on” while you list and sell homes, offer market updates, coordinate escrows, etc. When we run across the hate and media nonsense that promotes hatred toward police, it absolutely infuriates us, and rightfully so. Having said that, we don’t spew hate in return. We don’t lash out with outlandish behavior. We remain steadfast in our prayer not only for the officers and their families on the undeserving end of it, but also for the misinformed who are so enraged they can’t make logical sense of it. If you all think we are in the trenches now, imagine it if we end up with no civil servants willing to step up and to protect the rights our forefathers worked so tirelessly for. Love your neighbor as yourself. It’s really that simple.

Make it a point to find gratitude in everything, no matter how small. Give someone the benefit of the doubt and then have a conversation with them. You really have no idea what is going on behind the scenes so be loving and kind. Get off your email, stop texting, or using Facebook and Instagram. Get out and grab a cup of coffee together and TALK. If nothing else, having a conversation in public may just be the ticket to keeping you both behaving like grown adults vs keyboard bullying and hiding behind a screen.

We sincerely hope the holidays will be a time of celebration, reflection and deep love. From our families to yours, Merry Christmas. We look forward to the New Year and seeing all the blessings before us.

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