Many of the potential clients who contact us have had multiple head injuries and/or traumatic events resulting in PTSD or Complex PTSD. Some have had illness, depression, ADD, post-stroke or TIA, anxiety, life stuckness, neurological effects due to Post-Covid (See recent testimonials at All of these conditions and many more can benefit from neurofeedback. Our approach is gentle, and works more quickly than other approaches.

Our experience with IASIS MCN is remarkable: Over 85% of clients respond well to treatment and self-assess as being very significantly helped. For example, more than 85% of mild/moderate TBI show a positive response. The same holds true for the conditions of anxiety and PTSD. These changes are more often than not enduring.

Clients often notice an emotional state or condition shift during or after the first session. Friends and family may also notice the shift in one to three sessions. Changes are temporary at first, but last more with each treatment. By the end of a series of sessions, improvements are measurable and substantial. While a few patients require “tune-ups,” for the most part, benefits are enduring. We believe that this is a natural outcome of the brain regaining healthier homeostasis and natural resiliency which prevents it from returning to prior dysfunctional levels.

“What formerly took 30-60 sessions with traditional or classic neurofeedback, I can now achieve in 10-20 sessions.”

— Zach Burns, IASIS Provider

It has been a breakthrough year at Ashland Neurofeedback! Are you ready to make an investment in your greatest asset? Please call Suzanne to discuss your specific challenges and how neurofeedback can help you meet your goals in 2024! We are deeply grateful to each of our inspiring clients of 2023.

It has been a breakthrough year at Ashland Neurofeedback! We wish a New Year of peace, joy and optimal brain function to you and yours!

Suzanne Mark & Daniel Sternberg, Ph.D

Ashland Neurofeedback hopes that you will wear a helmet while snowboarding or participating in winter sports.

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