Testimonials from Our Inspiring Clients

“I started Neurofeedback to help with my anxiety during some very stressful life opportunities. Having worked in the behavioral health field for quite a while, I had witnessed the astounding results of clients who used neurofeedback in conjunction with other modalities. Needless to say I was on board and ready. But with who? The research shows that the therapeutic relationship is just as important as the modality itself. I knew and trusted Suzanne from within the Ashland community so it was a no brainer when I learned she provided this service. Suzanne has such a loving and genuine heart for her clients. I could feel this in the way she sat with me in stillness, her gentle inquiry, and the passion she has for being of service. Neurofeedback has helped me to come to a space of deeper awareness, and like meditation to take a pause before reacting. I feel more calm and able to handle life’s stressful situations. Thank you Suzanne and Ashland Neurofeedback!”

With heart,

Sabina Starr, Ashland

“I recently completed a series of sessions using IASIS Technologies with Suzanne

Mark. While I experienced improvement in a number of areas, I was amazed at

what happened with the peripheral neuropathy in my feet. After the very first

session, I could feel my feet for the first time in years! This was not on my list, but

I was delighted. Throughout my treatment Suzanne was very supportive and

committed to my journey towards wellness.”

Jerry Bryan, Ashland

The methods we use can allow you to increase your resiliency and your ability to sustain a desired state. Focused attention, excitement about life, creativity, calmness, confidence, energized awareness, courageousness, acceptance and peace. When your brain is functioning optimally it is much easier to sustain these states. Life becomes a joy instead of a struggle. We invite you to train your brain to deal with your limitations at the root level with IASIS MCN. We use Neurofeedback as both a stand-alone intervention and with other tools.

Please contact Suzanne at (541) 631-8757 to discuss your unique brain and how it can achieve optimal function at Ashland Neurofeedback. See more at

Smart Tip: Make sure you get a variety of Essential Fatty Acids for best brain function.

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