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My mother started taking me to the chiropractor when I was four.  I went there with her and with my grandmother where we were all “adjusted.”  Chiropractic care became part of my life; in college when I woke up with a stiff neck and afterwards when I dated a chiropractic student who continued my “adjustments.”  The tradition was passed to my children who were also “adjusted.”

It wasn’t until my older son was awakened to Network Chiropractic in Vermont that I became familiar with the concept.  It wasn’t until I had spent a very uncomfortable journey and wound up feeling as if I had another kidney stone that I sought some other kind of treatment.  My son encouraged me to find a Network Chiropractor and that’s the path that led me to Dr. Erin Pollinger.

That was five years ago and Dr. Erin saved my life.  For the first time I was no longer “adjusted,” but shown how to help myself.  She helped me to turn the tension that was really painful into energy that can be creative and helpful.  I understand now that treating the symptoms is actually the opposite of what we can and should be doing with our pain.  We need to embrace that pain and use it to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This is not an overnight process but neither is the pain that each of us builds and retains in our bodies over a lifetime.  Embrace the pain – Yes!  Don’t just get rid of it by allowing someone to “adjust” you.  You will never learn what is needed to become a better person by yielding to someone else’s power.

Take your power back!  Let Dr. Erin show you the way.  Over the course of five years I have admired Dr. Erin’s professionalism that comes with a generous and caring spirit available to all her patients.  On a personal level I call her a doctor, a true healer, a confidante, a mentor and a friend.  There is always more to be done in this life and I am blessed to have Dr. Erin guide me on my path.

Applegate, OR

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