A World Without Trees

Pretty much everything in your life is manufactured from, derived from, synthesized from, or created from an animal, vegetable or mineral.

Imagine than, a world without trees…

There would be NO aspirin, baseball, Jimi Hendrix, Bibles, Barbie, hope chests or bird nests. NO drumsticks, seabird friendly six-pack containers, dynamite, crazy glue, telephones or fancy homes. NO shelves, drawers or strip mall stores. NO gangplanks, skateboards, or wood by the cord. NO hammocks, rope swings, stuck kites or stuck cats. No apple pie, Rolodex, hinges or Memorex. NO leaf blowers on Sunday mornings, sticky notes, corrals, I.R.S. notices, or K.F.C. buckets.

NO Weber BBQ’s, oranges, U-haul boxes, or pool cues. No rasp’s and no hasp’s. NO round table discussions, or payments under the table. No Nina, Pinta, or Santa Maria. NO Farrah posters, butcher blocks, picnic bench slivers, or tree forts. NO almonds on airplanes, beavers, or #2 pencils. NO Woody Woodpecker, skiing accidents, or nails. NO lifeguard towers, ziplines, or walks in the park. NO archery, concrete forms, storm drain backups, or parking in the shade.

NO real estate signs, guacamole, or axes. NO log jams or door jams. NO driftwood fires on the beach.  NO pine cones, pyramids, pineapples or driftboats. NO shade grown coffee. NO wooden roller coasters, wood ducks, or low hanging branches. NO mulch, or salmon. NO Jed Smith State Park, power poles, or DUPONT.  No good John Wayne movies, or Chinese food take-out boxes.

BUT… There would still be lawn darts! And who doesn’t love lawn darts?

A world without trees would be, well, I guess like living on the moon. Then again, lawn darts on the moon wouldn’t be very much fun…

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