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When we (Deena & Kevin Branson) started Branson’s Chocolates in 2005 we were working out of an industrial kitchen in a business complex producing mostly for wholesale customers.  About 18 months ago we moved to, 1662 Siskiyou Blvd (where the Mongolian BBQ used to be).  Now we have a retail space as well as production space, so you can get Branson’s Chocolates at our retail store or at your favorite stores around town.

We make everything by hand on site, which means when you walk in to buy chocolate you can smell the delicious chocolate, you can see all the production and packaging happening, and you can even talk to us while we work.  We have kept some of the traditions from Ashland Fudge Co. (where Deena got her start in chocolate), and added many signature products.  So you will find Ashland Nuggets (formerly Porkers) and the traditional clusters and caramel sticks along with some nontraditional items, like Tequila Truffles and Cayenne Cherry Chocolate Bars.

We strive to support other local small businesses so we buy our peppermint and lavender oils and some of our nuts directly from the growers.  We also use as many natural ingredients as we can. The chocolate that we use is a high quality Belgian chocolate that is extremely smooth and creamy.  YUMMM!!  We try very hard to keep our case Gluten Free as well as offer Dairy Free and Sugar Free options.

We get asked quite often if we have dark chocolate.  Our response is always, “Yes, we do! You can choose from 58% Semi-Sweet or 72% Bitter-Sweet.”

We price our chocolate for your “Everyday Indulgence” and not just that occasional gift.  We love getting to know our long-time customers more every time they come in.  We also love meeting new people that have “just found” us or have “been meaning to stop by” and finally did.  We want to become the place you go for special occasions, that gifts, and especially that “Everyday Indulgence.”

Please stop by, say “Hi”, and get yourself a piece or two of chocolate for your own “Everyday Indulgence.”

We have the best customers in the world, and they say the nicest things…

“Oh my Gosh. YUMMMM. The best chocolate ever!!!!! So many kinds to choose from. This is high quality stuff, and the price is unbeatable.” ~ Angela Rae

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Deena Branson

Branson's Chocolates is the only locally owned locally producing chocolate company in Ashalnd. We hand craft in small batches our Truffles, Toffees, Caramels and much more. We team up with local wineries, distillers, growers and roasters for ingredients and custom labeled items. Come see us at work and take some confections/chocolate with you.

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