Ask the Aestheticians – Tip of Month

Q:  How do I correct and conceal those pesky dark circles and puffiness under my eyes?

A:  Posh aestheticians say it’s as easy as 1,2,3 but requires using good skin care and make-up products.

   • First, tackle puffy and aging skin around eyes by having a professional add-on treatment to your Éminence Organic facial for only $25! Also, be sure to eat a healthy diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and water which will help diminish this problem.

   • Second, a consistent home regimen is essential in maintaining results and premature aging of the face.

   • Consider Éminence Bearberry Eye Repair along with Wild Plum Eye Cream.  In addition, our Jane Iredale skin care makeup line are all rich in vitamins A,C,D,E and K as well as horse chestnut and green tea extract; all these ingredients have been clinically proven to decrease wrinkle depth by up to 40% on all skin types including sensitive skin!

   • Apply your Éminence Bearberry Eye Repair and Wild Plum Eye Cream 2x daily, morning and evening using your ring finger to gently tap around and in between your eyes.  Allow the eye cream to absorb fully.

   * Lastly, apply a good skin care concealer under your eyes.


Quick Tips!

   • To conceal under eyes apply in the same fashion as you would use your eye cream.

   • Use a small amount of a lightweight concealer.

   • A light layer of correction color under your concealer can save you 3 layers of concealer and will give you more natural results. (A yellow correction color cancels red tones; A peach correction color cancels blue, purple & gray tones; A lilac correction color cancels yellow tones and a beige correction color is used for all-purpose concealing.)

Come into Posh Organics and receive your free skincare and color corrective consultations! If you have a question to ask our aestheticians, please email our store at  Our knowledgeable, friendly staff and aestheticians with over ten years of experience are here to help.

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