Do You Want to Revitalize the Skin You’re In?

Aesthetician’s Tip of the Month: Use a Masque!

Why Use a Masque?

1.   Masques and treatments provide vital nutrients that deliver concentrated nutrients and antioxidants to dramatically increase hydration, tone and elasticity.

2.   Treatments can assist in controlling specific skin conditions such as acne or dryness.

3.  Masques can penetrate into deeper layers assisting in the regeneration of your skin on a dermal level.

How Do You Use a Masque and How Often Do You Use It ?

1. All of Eminence’s masques can be emulsified with water and left on for 5-10 minutes or even overnight.

2. Using a masque 2-3 times per week will keep your skin hydrated, supple and nourished.

Come into Posh Organics and let our Organic Beauty Consultants assist you in choosing the appropriate masque for your skin type.

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