Alea Kent, with Masters level clinical therapy experience, has supported her clients using a wide variety of techniques for over thirty-five years. She is currently specializing in Emotion Code and Body Code work. In today’s interview, we discuss these techniques and learn more about Alea’s simple, yet elegant, approach to removing blockages on many levels to promote deeper healing.

Alea, thanks so much for speaking with us today. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share information about the Emotion Code and Body Code work I’ve been doing for the past few years. I’ve gotten some remarkable feedback from those I’ve worked with using these healing modalities.

Alea, to begin with, can you please give us a brief overview of your background and experience in the field of therapy and healing?

I received my Masters in Counseling in 1984 and worked not only in clinical settings, but also in private practice with children, families, adults in agencies, clinics and in schools. I was one of the first therapists in the state of Oregon to focus on healing the trauma of sexual abuse.

However, I was always drawn to transpersonal therapies. Energy (or energetic) therapies were but a gleam on the horizon at that time, but when they emerged, I took to them immediately. I saw that most mental health issues were actually rooted in the body, particularly the neurochemistry. I intuitively sensed the type of therapy I had been trained in could only work at a somewhat superficial level, and not really reach the biochemical level.  With the Emotion Code and Body Code, I now have the ability to reach that level.

Can you please introduce us to the work you are doing today in The Emotion Code and Body Code? How have you come to work primarily in these modalities?

The Emotion Code is a small, yet powerful, part of Body Code, and deals with identifying and releasing emotions trapped in the energy bodies–also referred to as subtle, or inner bodies–that are inhibiting or blocking forward movement in our lives. These trapped emotions interfere with the free flow of energy in the physical body, impinging on muscles, nerves, organs, glands, ultimately cause physical illness.

The Body Code takes a larger view, and looks not only at the emotional aspects of our bodies, but systems, toxins, parasites, misalignments, and lifestyles as well. The program has over 260 detailed pages which outline a methodical approach to delving deeper and deeper into what may be causing challenges in our lives. It includes not only physical aspects, but non-physical things like chakras, beliefs, memories, entities, and disconnections as well. Also included are many other aspects of how our bodies are affected by the seen and unseen worlds around us.

Alea, can you provide us with a bit of background and context for these bodies of work?

This work was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, D.C. When he had a patient he didn’t know how to help he would pray, and information would then be “downloaded” to him. Following this guidance, he was able to help thousands of patients. He eventually came to believe he needed to share these transformational new therapies with the world. So he wrote The Emotion Code, which was published in 2007 and later developed the program known as the Body Code.

Alea, please tell us a little bit more about yourself and your own commitment to the healing path.

I am deeply committed to working with Spirit in this work. I request the spiritual guides of the client with whom I’m working to be present and guide the work. I also look to my own teachers and guides to train me to greater and greater levels of skill. I don’t necessarily think of myself as a healer, but more as a channel for Spirit. It’s the combination of Spirit and body that do the healing. Removing the blocks is what allows them to do what they are naturally meant to do.

Alea, what would you describe as your key skills and how do you utilize these this in relationship to your work with the Emotion and Body Code?

I feel I listen at a deep level. I really want to know what life is like for the person with whom I am working with, so that I’m able to offer relevant thoughts, questions, and support. I then move into the Emotion Code or Body Code in a way that that will best serve them. I’ve realized, after years of being a therapist, that I’m able to help people see themselves in a safe, supported way. When this deep comfort level occurs, they are far more able to look at things they may not have been able to look at before.

A special gift you have is your ability to work with people who want a deeper connection with Spirit. Please say more.

It always feels like such a privilege to work with people who are at a place in their lives where they want to deepen their connection with Spirit, but feel at a loss as to how to do that. I like to learn what their longings are, and what it would look like if they were fulfilled in these areas.  We then check for blocks that may be interfering with their connection with Spirit. We also examine limiting beliefs, disconnections between the Spirit and physical bodies, cording, entities, etc., and then release or balance them. I honor and respect all spiritual orientations, and enjoy helping clients with setting, working on, and achieving goals, with Spirit as a partner.

Alea, please tell us about what your clients are looking for when they come to work with you.

People come to me with a variety of challenges, such as specific health problems, trauma, anxiety, depression, wanting to live their life in a different way, family disruptions, relationship clarity, anger issues, emotional and physical pain, etc. Virtually any issue or situation can benefit from this work. As an example, before I sat down to respond to these questions, I did a session on myself to make sure nothing was blocking me from accessing the clearest, deepest responses possible.

You also employ a lot of creativity both in your work and in your personal life to open unlocked doors.  

I’ve been a self-taught artist for years, and have often had to figure how to do things I had not ever been trained to do. So when I get stuck in my art, I now easily jump to thinking “OK, how can this be done?” I use this same kind of creative approach when I am working with a client. I feel I have the flexibility to think expansively about the process, as well as listening for the guidance of Spirit whispering in my ears.

That’s great. I imagine your clients really appreciate this out-of-the-box approach.

Well, I do certainly surprise them at times. I was working with a client last year, and about 20 minutes into the session, I clearly sensed that neither Emotion nor Body Code was needed. I was told to ask some inner beings to work on the issues specific to the client at that time. So with her permission, that is what happened.  I felt privileged to watch as they worked, and then relay what I was seeing. She was delighted and amazed. That is just one example of how I continue to learn the art of inner listening combined with outer training.

The work of The Body Code and Emotion Code is very expansive and has all sorts of applications including for children and pets.

I wish I’d had this information when I was working with children. It works so well with them as they have fewer trapped emotions than adults. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to work with children since starting the Body Code, and would love to do that. However, a colleague shared how she used Emotion Code with a young boy at her Montessori school. For several years, he cried and was inconsolable every day his mother dropped him off. My colleague asked permission of his mother to use the Emotion Code to release a Heart Wall. She worked with him for brief periods of time over several weeks. Then one day, he didn’t cry when his mother dropped him off. Later that day, this young boy came to her, and putting his hand over his heart, told her “My heart is good”.

Animals also respond well to this work. I’ve used it successfully with my elderly cat that has had problems jumping on the bed. There are some BC/EC therapists who only work with animals. I am beginning to hear there are BC/EC therapists working on spaces for example, buildings, property, and cars. I would be curious to try that.

What about the Resonating Relationships and Abundance Breakthrough programs you also offer?

These are two programs that offer a series of sessions helping one come into harmony with either relationships or abundance goals. Both of these programs use the Body Code and Emotion Code to create clear goals, clear away blocks, and increase harmony with those goals. They also work at strengthening positive beliefs and eliminating negative beliefs, thus helping you move ahead positively in the direction your heart longs to go.

Alea, can you talk about your work with freeing trapped emotions?

Often, but not always, when we are having challenges, emotions become trapped in the energy bodies. This can happen from virtually anything, whether or not it feels like a big thing. In fact, for many trapped emotions, we don’t remember the source. Trapped emotions can even be from prenatal situations. We can be born with trapped emotions that have been passed down for generations and unwittingly pass them on to our children.

These trapped emotions interfere with the flow of energy in the body.  This affects both the mental and the physical bodies.  Without the free flow of energy in our physical bodies, mal-adaptations are made that can ultimately lead to discomfort and even disease.  In our mental bodies, a lack of free energy flow creates constrictions in thinking and behaving, which can lead to difficulties in relationships, both personally and professionally.

Emotions can tend to be trapped around parts of the body that have vulnerabilities, thus causing pain, discomfort or disease. Releasing these blocks can profoundly support the natural healing the body already knows how to do. The Emotion Code can lead to profound shifts. Most people who do this work with me say they feel lighter and more joyful after a session. However, it can take several days for the body to process these changes. Some people feel a difference immediately, while for others it may take a few days. Some people may have many layers of trapped emotions, especially from trauma, which may take some time to release. But the cool thing is that the specifics of the trauma do not have to be discussed.

Can you tell us about the Heart Wall work you do?

The Heart Wall is a cluster of trapped emotions around the heart. Dr. Nelson believes 94% of the population has a Heart Wall. It generally builds up over time from all the hurts our heart has experienced. A Heart Wall can prevent us from moving forward in life, choosing an appropriate partner, feeling joy, being successful, and can cause anxiety and depression among other things. A Heart Wall is removed the same way any tapped emotion is removed–by identifying and releasing it. Normally, when releasing a Heart Wall I ask my client to go within and get an image of the wall, what it is made of, and how big and thick it is. Most interestingly, as I ask them to check in with that vision as we are releasing trapped emotions, the image changes until it disappears.

Alea, please walk us through a sample session.

I like to really get a good understanding of the person I am working with by asking about their life and goals. I also want to make sure to answer any questions or address any concerns they may have. Then a goal for the session is determined by the client and checked for priority.

After a brief connection with Spirit, I check to see that I have an energetic connection with the client. I use muscle testing on myself as a proxy for the client. This work can be done at a distance. I do a quick check of any discordant energies, core negative beliefs, or any old inappropriate vows or oaths and release them.

Then, generally, I release the trapped emotions related to the issue, and then move on to the Body Code. If there is a serious or persistent issue with an organ or gland, I will use an anatomical drawing to make sure that all the parts are energetically connected to each other.  For instance, I was working with a client with anger issues and zeroed in on the amygdala.  After making sure all the parts of the amygdala were connected, the anger issues disappeared. When the session is over we talk about the experience, I ask if anything has shifted, and answer any questions. Again, sometimes it can take a few days for the body to process these shifts.

What is entity or spirit releasement and how are you working with individuals who have these types of issues?

Entity or spirit releasement can be challenging for any people to consider. Yet many religious beliefs and cultures have acknowledged the existence of disembodied beings that attach to human beings. They can be evil or demonic in origin, and are often called entities, or disembodied spirits. Disembodied spirits have had a body in the past, and refused to move into the Light/Heaven when the physical body died. Various kinds of trauma like illness, abuse, or strong or trapped emotions can make people vulnerable to these unwelcome beings. I have long believed the reason substance abuse rehabilitation is often not successful is because the issue of entities is not addressed.

I recently did a session with a friend who had a cough so bad it caused her throat to inflame and bleed. She had the intuitive sense that she was trying to cough something out. I tested for entities and 2 entities were present. Once they were released, she did not cough again for the rest of the session. She said she felt something lifting off as the entities were released. She later reported the cough was gone.

Can you please talk about the experiences and changes that your clients are having?           

Yes. Here are some testimonials below:

Thank you very much Alea. I want to tell you how much I have seen a huge difference regarding the “rage” inside me. It is gone, vanished I cannot even raise my voice with the students. I cannot be “mad” at them anymore. It is so weird to feel that way because I am not used to it but it is amazing. I am better at my job.  I am more creative and way more patient. I do not react anymore to triggers. I had zero hopes, zero, that I would be able to heal from this anger. 

Thank you a millions times.


It is fascinating and awesome the way Alea, using Body Code, so easily helped me get out of that dismal, funky place where I had “put” myself. I had created it, but didn’t know how to get myself out of it. It is amazing how this work Alea is doing, with her intuitive listening, compassion, gentle acceptance, wisdom and knowledge, and patience, works instantly! After each session I feel so optimistic, feeling much relief and hopefulness, having cleared issues I would have thought were unfixable. Like heavy weights I had been dragging around for years—those weights dissolving easily and painlessly, and replaced with hopefulness, confidence, and optimism.   


Alea is a very gifted and intuitive healer with a wealth of knowledge in all areas of healing and great compassion and insights! Ever since she cleared my Heart-Wall, I have felt more joy in my life! I highly recommend her! 


Relationships with men have not always been easy for me. Working with Alea on Resonating Relationships has really helped me to clear emotional blockages so that I was seeing my current relationship more realistically. I was not tempted at all to be with someone who had not worked on himself and was able to spot red flags within 3 months. I felt free to let go, preferring to be alone and knowing that I could also create space for a more suitable relationship. Also, I do believe that the previous work I had done with Alea on Emotion and Body Code was beneficial to the Resonating Relationships work. 


Alea’s natural coaching and mentoring skills have led her to encourage me to use the Emotion Code flow charts on my own in between our sessions.    


Alea has a way of making a person feel completely comfortable and relaxed, knowing that whatever you say, whatever truths you share, anything and everything will be accepted gently and lovingly.


 I cannot express how grateful I am to have you working as a healer in my life. This past year has been one to remember and reflect on. I’m happy to say you have and will continue to have a huge impact on my well-being and life in general. Alea, I’m honored.    

Much love,     


I have so much energy, I went hiking twice last weekend, was a volunteer helping windsurfer students at my old club and also started swimming again. I had been putting off the accounting for my two businesses and then finished it in one day. I cannot believe I have done all of that!!  And this after being a couch potato with zero energy for the past 8 months!  Now I am planning on repainting walls and building a shelf this weekend! Just wanted to share!   


Thank You so much Alea, I always feel subtle shifts after the session, but over time the changes are pretty tangible; I find strength in situations were I would normally feel very uncomfortable, and feel calm were I would normally be pretty stressed….

It’s amazing to me that this system can work over distance, and even though my logical analytical mind complains about not understanding, I see the results and I know that there is still so much to understand and explore for us in the field of medicine, so the best scientific approach is to keep an open neutral mind and let these amazing shifts occur naturally. Our bodies are really each a Universe of Wonder.    


Tell me more about the invitation to the community you are offering right now.

I will be doing a Monday Free Class at the Ashland Food Co-op March 18th.  It will be focused on the Emotion Code. I will share a little more about it, and teach a simple way to test and show people how to release trapped emotions. Those who come will get the chart of emotions and learn how to release their own trapped emotions. I will also talk about the Heart

Wall and get people started on releasing their Heart Walls. I invite you all to come!

Alea, how can our readers learn more about your work?

Please come to the lecture! You can also visit my website, call to ask questions, or schedule an appointment.

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me today. Do you have any last thoughts or comments you would like to share with our readers?

I have a dream that anyone who is feeling discontented, or longing for a difference in their lives, who may be lonely, sad, angry, depressed or anxious, can learn how to use the Emotion Code to help themselves, and find what they are seeking.

Thank you, Shields!


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