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Carpe Housem: Seize the House!

Saving money is more popular now than ever. It’s great to hear about a super buy on a killer wine, or a steal of a price on a pair of shoes. Forget about seizing the day!  Now’s the time to seize the house!

So what should one consider before taking the plunge? You might start with real costs and risks. When you buy a printer you need to consider the cost of ink. When you buy a car you need to consider the cost of gasoline. And when you buy a home, you need to consider the cost of energy and maintenance. Not all homes are created equal. New homes are built to a higher energy standard and therefore consume less energy, saving you money and saving on the use of our precious resources.

The interest rate has a significant impact on how much house one can buy and these great lower rates should not be taken for granted. Here is the impact of rates increasing with a payment of $1503.


4.0%               $280,000

5.0%              $248,880

6.0%             $222,840

7.0%            $200,880

For many borrowers, waiting could end up costing thousands of dollars in qualifying power if rates rise even one percent. The combination of great value and great interest rates coupled with the energy efficiency and maintenance savings on a new home now is the perfect time for buyers to make their move.  Seize the day by seizing a new home with a great interest rate before it’s too late. Where to start is to get pre-approved.

Dave Porter is the Sales Manager for loanDepot in Southern Oregon. He is licensed in OR, WA & CA. His NMLS # 483876  dporter@loanDepot.com 541-708-4020

*For example purposes only, not an offer to extend credit, rates vary daily.

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