Ashland Neurofeedback

A testimonial from one of our inspiring clients:

“I have a decades long history of physical and psychological trauma that has expressed itself in anxiety, depression, and difficulties with intimacy. I worked for many years with a traditional therapist, which was useful in identifying the source of my traumas and associated behaviors, but the anxiety and depression never really went away. Since I have begun working with Suzanne using the MCN technology, it feels as if a sea change has taken place, and the constant background noise of my anxiety is simply fading away. Suzanne is a generous and empathetic guide, who, in addition to the Micro-current sessions, has proposed a number of simple, effective techniques that help release those things that the neurofeedback stirs up. The whole process, for me at least, has been both subtle, profound, and transformational.”

C.K. – Yreka, California

It gives us great joy to see our clients getting back into the flow and enjoying life. How can we support you in achieving your goals? Please note that IASIS MCN is not a symptom-based therapy. It is a gentle therapy that helps the brain “dis-entrain” stuck patterns with the frequent side effect of symptom alleviation. Please phone Suzanne at (541) 631-8757 for a no-obligation phone consultation.

We encourage you to protect YOUR intellectual property by wearing a high quality helmet appropriate to your athletic or transportation needs. Enjoy a happy, safe Summer!

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