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“You will not be set free to fly and then be allowed to fall.” ~ Love Without End

A Testimonial from One of Our Very Inspiring Clients:

For the last couple years I have struggled with a heroin addiction. It began as a way to self medicate and numb the trauma I had both as a child and as an adult. My brain started to trick me into thinking that the only way I could feel normal was to use. In reality, it was keeping me sick by making me into a recluse. It had been so long since I even knew what normal felt like or had experienced normal sleep, appetite and deep friendships. Even a genuine relationship with my beautiful wife. I felt disembodied, as if I were a marionette being pulled along by strings. Like most of my relatives, I felt helpless to my genetic predisposition toward addiction, although it manifested in them with alcohol. That is until Suzanne encouraged me to try IASIS Neurofeedback.

I went into my sessions about five days sober from opiates and I felt my body and mind were open and ready to be healed. After just my first session, my natural energy, appetite and normal sleep had come back full force. Soon after my second session, I started to feel and experience my nervous system and my body becoming more aligned. I was feeling my body and having control over my choices. My cravings for self-medication dropped to almost zero. This was the 2nd session!

As of today, I have completed 4 sessions and am 16 days sober. The tangible results seem to double every day. Things like productivity, energy, sleep, mood and my resilience over negative emotions. The positive change is baffling. My self-talk is more positive than ever. I feel determined and organized. Paired with therapy, exercise, and a healthy, whole foods diet, this treatment has changed my life for the better, and I look forward to more sessions and a life free from addiction and freedom from being frozen in my trauma.

S.B., Phoenix, 8-18-23

If you are ready for change, please contact Suzanne Mark at (541) 631-8757. Protect your beautiful brain and body. Please wear a high quality helmet appropriate to your transportation or athletic pursuit.

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