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Ashland Neurofeedback – Recent testimonial from one of our inspiring clients

“I was severely injured in the line of duty as a firefighter 20 years ago. Since then, I have suffered from problems associated with PTSD, medical and emotional issues. Conventional treatments had left me feeling hopeless and afraid that I would never find an answer to quieting the disturbing thoughts and emotions I was experiencing.

After only a couple neurofeedback sessions with Suzanne I began to feel as though I was on a vacation from stress; not that my work or responsibility had changed, just the way I was feeling about it all. By the end of 5 weeks of therapy I felt that I was completely free of the burden of worry, as if I knew that my life problems were already resolved and that I could move forward in confidence with the freedom to live and think in a new way and with a better understanding of my purpose and place in the world.

If there is anything that is worth doing for yourself, it is finding a way to feel free from the burdens that keep you from enjoying every moment life has to offer. I believe this therapy was my answer to finding that happiness.”

Charles Berg, Medford

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