Becoming Your Best

In one year’s time you are literally a new person. Aside from some brain cells, every cell in your body has regenerated. The fastest cells to regenerate do so every 20 minutes. This provides amazing potential for healing. It also demonstrates how essential it is to give your body what it needs to accomplish this monumental task. To keep up with your body’s requirements you have to provide the nutrients it needs, be able to break those nutrients down in your digestive system, and distribute the nutrients where needed in your body. If any of these steps are minimized or skipped: nutritional intake, assimilation or distribution, your body doesn’t have the raw materials it needs to regenerate and heal. This can result in atrophy, pain, or loss of function of organs, glands, or tissues. Failures in this nutritional process are the underlying factor of most illness, disease, and accelerate aging.

Just like the light on your dashboard tells you your car needs maintenance, your body gives you warning signs when these three steps aren’t functioning as they should. We’ve been taught to ignore many signs, or just treat symptoms with over the counter medications. But just as covering up and ignoring the warning lights on your dashboard can lead to your car breaking down, ignoring your body’s means of communication can lead to more serious health problems. Here is a list of common symptoms I help my patients with, by treating underlying causes.       

Bruising easily, varicose veins, bleeding gums, or plaque build up in blood vessels indicates that your blood vessels need to be strengthened. When your blood vessels are strong, you won’t have subcutaneous or inappropriate bleeding. Strong blood vessels means your body won’t need to use plaque in an attempt to repair weakened areas. Strengthening your blood vessels reduces chances of embolisms, heart attacks, strokes and Alzheimer’s.   

Phlegm, or difficulty breathing due to phlegm, elevated cholesterol, breast lumps, fibroids, tumors, cysts, lumps under the skin, all indicate you aren’t breaking down your fats. Good fats and fat assimilation are essential to brain function. So lack of fat assimilation may put you at risk for dementia. Fats are also essential for hormone production. Hormones enable the glands to communicate with each other, and communicate with your organs and tissues. Needless to say, a break down in your body’s communication system is detrimental to your body’s ability to function as it should.

Kidney or gallstones, tartar on teeth, osteoarthritis, low bone density, and cataracts all tell me that you are having difficulty with calcium assimilation. There are formulas I prescribe to dissolve kidney or gallstones. Along with Acupuncture these formulas can quickly eliminate pain. But if we don’t also address calcium assimilation the same problems will reoccur. With few exceptions procedures, including surgery to break up stones, or remove your gallbladder, can be avoided. Bone density can be improved, fractures and breaks in your bones avoided, and pain alleviated by addressing calcium assimilation in your treatment protocol.

Fatigue can be caused by many things including poor fat, carbohydrate, or protein assimilation. Problems with your endocrine system, including thyroid and adrenals, diet or blood sugar issues, vitamin B or iron deficiencies may all cause fatigue.

Usually it’s a combination of things. A sudden drop in energy could mean you are fighting off a virus. Again, fatigue is just your body’s way of saying, “We need to talk. Something isn’t working as it should. And we need to figure this out.”

Weight gain is usually more than just a diet issue. Food cravings, uncontrollable eating, or not eating much and still gaining weight are all indications that your body isn’t receiving the nutrients it needs. So we not only have to look at your diet but blood sugar regulation, candida, and food assimilation. If you aren’t breaking down what you’re eating, your body goes into starvation mode and stores as much as it can. Under these circumstances, some people eat less and still gain weight.

Memory problems involve addressing candida, fat assimilation, and inflammation. There are herbs to increase microcirculation in the brain, like gingko, but this is treating the symptom, not the underlying cause, which still needs to be addressed. Gingko can help but then you have to figure out what has been impairing your microcirculation in the first place. Fat and protein assimilation play a key role.

Reversing osteoarthritis or osteopenia is a matter of addressing diet, calcium and vitamin D assimilation. If needed, I prescribe formulas for regenerating bone and treating pain.

Arthritis can be various combinations of inflammation, diet, or candida. There are also specific formulas for hot swollen joints, pain due to cold and damp, stiffness in the morning, or after too little movement throughout the day: including long car rides. As opposed to just treating symptoms, these formulas resolve the underlying issues that result in pain. Pain is one way your body communicates distress.      

Whatever your family history; whether it’s stroke, heart attack, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or dementia, you can switch on the genes that initiate these health problems, or switch them off with exercise, diet and nutrient assimilation. By addressing the underlying causes of symptoms, your body’s warning signs, you are helping your body function as it should. All of which hedges your bets to give yourself the best chance to avoid inherited family health problems, or to recover from any health issues you are currently dealing with.

To fully address my patients’ wide variety of health issues my treatment protocol includes: helping patients learn to select foods for their specific nutritional needs, providing formulas to help them break down and assimilate their food, and utilizing formulas and Acupuncture to make sure their nutrients are delivered where needed in the body as we address specific symptoms.

In one year’s time you are literally a new person. You have a choice. Will you help or hinder that regeneration? Are you willing to make the effort to become your best self?

Health & Happiness,

Nancy Burton, L.Ac.

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Nancy Burton, L.Ac. is a Licensed Acupuncturist. She incorporates Acupuncture, Herbs, Tui Na (Chinese Medicinal Massage), Homeopathics, Nutritional Supplements, Muscle Testing, and Nutritional Counseling and Therapy in her practice. Her goal is to give patients the tools they need to achieve and maintain good health.

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