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This month’s featured vendor is a new member of the Emporium, a local crafter and self proclaimed “Fairy of Ashlantis, professional hula-hooper, artist, dancer, writer, gardener and vision crafter.” Nikki Joy shared with us what inspires her and what she hopes to bring to the marketplace.

Nikki’s dream is to use her creative imagination to make fun and festive bits that bring cheer. She strives to take the wild ideas out of her head and channel those through her hands, making things of wonder. “I am a natural crafter, drawn to just about every kind of art and crafting skill you can think of, and constantly pursuing something new!”

By Nikki Joy

My shop, Dreamcatcher, is in its third month at Ashland Artisan Emporium, bringing handmade hula hoops, art-nouveau flower crowns, masks, feather jewelry and hair clips, fancy gloves and leg warmers, and lots more festive wear and fairy fair. I seem to have a way of adopting craft materials that need a good home. I began to have a list of items requested by friends, and found that I loved sharing them with others and experiencing their joy. Then things went to the next level when my sweetheart encouraged me to share my creations in a shop so that I could further spread my magic, and now I am having more fun crafting my ideas than ever before.

I also offer face painting, hair feathers, hoop lessons, and I am available for custom creations. I am a long-time Burner, so I have a healthy streak of adoration for fun and extravagant costumes, mingled with my inner-dancer’s desire for performance wear. New items are coming to fruition all the time, since my materials come primarily from recycled, repurposed, and otherwise rescued items that deserve a second life!

One of my tenants is to wear whatever feels fun and enlivening each day, in order to express myself and inspire others. I believe it is our sacred duty to shine the unique light that we each bring into the world, because, as Dr. Seuss puts it, “Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one you that is Youer than You.” We should all be free to express and celebrate our imagination, our dreams, and inspire those around us to do the same.

I hope you will come by to visit Dreamcatcher at wall space #79, and find joy in a little something crafted from my own heart and hands. Namaste.

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Ashland Artisan Emporium

The Ashland Artisan Emporium is owned by Michelle Christian, wife and mother of 3 daughters. Her husband, Travis, is the business manager for Adroit Construction in Ashland, Oregon. The Emporium was the vision of Michael Rydbom, Michelle's father. In April of 2010, Michael asked his daughter if she would be willing to help transform the old DJ's Video space into a crafter's marketplace. Michelle had always admired her dad's entrepreneurial spirit and was eager to make him proud, so even though she already had two kids, a real estate career and one more daughter on the way, she said yes. On November 1, 2010, the store opened it's doors to a welcome reception from the community. They were voted Best New Business of 2010 only months later by the Ashland Sneak Preview. Within weeks of opening, the store was at capacity and had quickly become the "go-to" store for all things unique and affordable.

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