Cheat Your Way To Better Health

Aerobic exercise is the healthiest exercise?

The way most people exercise aerobically is not actually aerobic and doesn’t increase aerobic work capacity (aerobic base). Walk/hike hard enough that you can just still breath in and out through your nose. Do this for 45 minutes or more 3-6 days a week. Research indicates this (zone 2 training) is the most effective way to increase aerobic capacity, metabolism, and energy production and even make you a better athlete.

Hold the coffee?

Coffee is actually good for you!! Like anything else, the keys are quality and moderation. Enjoy a couple of cups in the morning; try not to drink after “noonish” so that your sleep isn’t thrown off. Coffee is very high in antioxidant polyphenols. Use freshly roasted, organic coffee beans and grind small batches at a time so the oils aren’t rancid.

Careful of tea?

Tea has antioxidant polyphenols and compounds that relax the nervous system and help you handle stress better. Keep in mind that tea has a good amount of caffeine, so drink moderately. I do love my Earl Grey!

Eggs will clog your arteries?

It is the only protein source with a biological value of 100%. The greatest concentration of nutrients is in the yolk! Don’t throw the yolk away! Eggs are rich in minerals and vitamins, especially the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, F, and K. Egg consumption has been shown to lower total cholesterol, increase HDLs, and lower cholesterol/HDL risk ratio. Get your eggs free range.

Definitely not butter?

Butter is chock full of vitamins and minerals (A, D, E, F, K) and anti-inflammatory butyric acid. Organic butter from grass-fed cows is very high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Fat will make you fat?

That’s a big fat lie. It’s eating too much grains, starches, and sugars, especially corn syrup, that’s behind the obesity, heart disease, and diabetes epidemics in this country. Our osteoporosis epidemic, for instance, is likely due to low-fat diets.

Meat: Bad for you and the environment

Fresh, grass-fed meat is incredibly high in omega-3 fatty acids and a host of other nutrients difficult to come by elsewhere. Use organic meat that is from grass-fed animals and eat in moderation (Mediterranean-pattern diet). Grazing rotation can be used to promote healthy soils.

Alcohol is bad for you?

Teetotalers as a group (people who completely abstain from alcohol) don’t live as long as people who drink moderately as a group. All of the Blue Zones (areas known for longevity and health) except one have moderate alcohol consumption in their diet and culture.

So, break the “rules” and enjoy good health. Life isn’t about dogma and sacrifice. Good health is about enjoying the bounties of life – the world and the people in it; experiences, relationships and pleasures…moderately, reasonably, and joyously. For more, including a Mediterranean diet webinar, go to

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