How it Works

1.     Decide how you’ll exchange the stuff

Set up a few rules for the swap. You’ll want to consider how many items each person should bring to keep things equal. For example, each person must bring 10 items in order to participate. It’s also important to note that all items must be clean and in good shape.

2.     Pick a date and time

Check with potential swappers what date and time works best for them and keep in mind that people will need extra time to clear their items at the end of the day.

3.     Pick a place

Keep track of how many people you are expecting and find a place that can comfortably fit everyone. Outdoor spaces like parks and front yards are great if the weather is good. Or reach out into your community for other larger outdoor spaces like schools, churches etc.

4.     Encourage pre-swap swapping

Before the exchange, encourage folks to share what items they are currently in the market for so that others can bring these items if they are available.

5.     Figure out what to do with the leftovers

Not everything is going to go home with a new owner, so where will the leftovers go? Maybe make a pile for Goodwill or another charity. Some folks might take home the items that they brought.

Everybody Wins!

No need to spend more money on fancy clothing or let good clothing go to waste in your closet. 

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