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How It Works

Communication in any crisis is key. If you have traveled out of the country and into the third world you have probably used WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an instant messenger app that links directly to your phone number. Benefits include low bandwidth communication. Create groups and communicate directly with all your friends. Send recorded voices messages, , share photos, video and text chat. You can also make regular phone calls directly to other WhatsApp members all around the world for free. WhatsApp offers end to end encryption which means privacy for you and your family.

——-1. Download and Install Using your phone go to the iTunes app store or google play and download WhatsApp. Google Play- Android PhoneiTunes – Apple PhoneMac or PC – Desktop

2. Create an Account and Sign Up

Create an account and verify your telephone number. Help Here

3. Add Friends

Now that your account is up and running add your friend’s telephone numbers into WhatsApp and begin building your network

4. Create Messaging Groups

Once you have a critical mass of contacts on WhatsApp you can begin to add groups. Add your friends, neighbors and family to your own personal alert groups that you administrate. 

 Immediate Free – Communication

Now you are ready to send out immediate notices to your friends, family and community. 

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