With climate change becoming a more known issue people are starting to change their ways to combat this growing problem. These people include restaurant owners. Restaurants are more aware of the need to serve healthy and environmentally sustainable food along with being more eco-friendly in the way that they prepare the food and with the food waste. Things like using oil for biodiesel or cutting down on the fuels used for transportation by buying local foods and supporting local farms.

This is a short list of some restaurants in Ashland doing something sustainable.

Happy Falafel- Oil used for biodiesel, compost, local organic lamb

Gorilla Bites-Compost, serves organic produce

Geppeto’s- Compost, local organic food from their own farm

Cozmic Pizza- 95% organic, bike delivery, Green Tags supporter

Creekside Pizza- oil used for biodiesel for delivery truck, compost

This is just a start but we would just like to bring attention to some of the restaurants doing something eco-friendly. With so many environmentally conscious people living in Ashland we want to help them make better choices when it comes to eating out. We just started the list, but if you go to a restaurant we haven’t mentioned ask them what they do for the environment. Show your support to those who are making an effort by giving them your business. You can send a message to the community of Ashland by supporting the efforts of these and other restaurants that are working to improve our world.

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