Featured Vendor: WS 127, Lughnasadh Lair

Greetings… My name is Raine and I own Lughnasadh Lair here in the Rogue Valley. There are 2 aspects of my business; one is your normal run-of-the-mill resale side with various restored and gently used items. The other is our more personal and passionate side with Handcrafted, New and Up-cycled Gifts and Collectibles. We value coexisting and the Earth above all else and we try to show it in the Metaphysical Supplies, Multi-Cultural and Multi-Faith merchandise we sell. Our prices start as low as $1.00 and we encourage special and custom orders. In general, if we can’t find it or make it for you; there’s a good chance that we know someone who you can trust that can. A glimpse of what we sell:

Jewelry and Jewelry Boxes; Plaques, Wall Art and Frames; Steampunk and Themed items; Candles, Candlesticks and other various size Candle Holders; Custom Glass Etchings, Original Art Work and Clay Creations; Magnets, Stickers and Ornaments of all kinds and sizes; Books and Journals; Knives and Daggers; Various Trinkets, Trinket Boxes and Nik Nacs; Wedding, Ritual and Special Event Supplies; Head Bands, Headdresses and Circlets; Dream Catchers and other Native American items; Faerie and Bird Houses; Sun Catchers and Wind Chimes; Crystals, Rocks and Gems; Staves, Walking Sticks and Canes; Talismans and Amulets; Incense and Incense Censors / Burners; Altars of many types and sizes, various size Altar Tool and Supply Boxes; Altar Tiles and other Supplies including Divination Tools, Altar Cloths, Athames, and much, much more. We sell the above items for both Children and Adults, so just let us know and we will Craft accordingly. The Sky truly is the limit with us.

Come check out our Wall Space, Booth #WS127 in the Ashland Artisan Emporium- 1670 Ashland St. located in the Ashland Shopping Center. Our booth is located in the back right hand corner, across from furniture in front of the back door. The Lair runs sales often and we periodically have coupons available at various locations around town and in the newspapers. We rotate and stock new items often so be sure to check back frequently! As a special thanks from us to you, mention this Ad to receive an extra 10% off your entire purchase, including discounted items during the Month of October! We appreciate your Business!! For more info contact: or

Brightest Blessings and Happy Shopping!!

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Ashland Artisan Emporium

The Ashland Artisan Emporium is owned by Michelle Christian, wife and mother of 3 daughters. Her husband, Travis, is the business manager for Adroit Construction in Ashland, Oregon. The Emporium was the vision of Michael Rydbom, Michelle's father. In April of 2010, Michael asked his daughter if she would be willing to help transform the old DJ's Video space into a crafter's marketplace. Michelle had always admired her dad's entrepreneurial spirit and was eager to make him proud, so even though she already had two kids, a real estate career and one more daughter on the way, she said yes. On November 1, 2010, the store opened it's doors to a welcome reception from the community. They were voted Best New Business of 2010 only months later by the Ashland Sneak Preview. Within weeks of opening, the store was at capacity and had quickly become the "go-to" store for all things unique and affordable.

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