Filling Our Energy Buckets

By Dr. Pamela Plank, Mederi Center Practitioner

With Spring just around the corner, we often feel a sense of renewal that comes with the longer days and the budding of nature all around us. But how do we fill our energy buckets with healthy lifestyle habits so we can THRIVE during any season?

The first place to consider is our fundamental restorative time—sleep. Our bodies have a natural rhythm of wakefulness and replenishing time that is guided by cortisol peaks and troughs released from the adrenal glands. If we work with this natural cycle, we make it easier for our bodies to provide us with the energy we want. Practically speaking, this means allowing ourselves to wind down in the evening and go to bed when we feel tired, ideally when cortisol is typically at its lowest point between 8-11 pm. I like to call this “golden sleep time.” When cortisol is low, our repair, refresh and renew mechanisms are active, so each hour of sleep during the “golden hours” counts double or even triple!

I am often surprised at how accurately Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion applies to my own physical body. When I laze on the couch for several days, that’s all I can imagine doing. But when I infuse my day with joyful movement, I find myself saying yes to playing tag with the kids or running up the stairs to fetch something. Of course, exercise elevates mood and increases energy, but the key is to transform the idea of exercise into getting our bodies moving in a way that lights us up and brings us joy. I love to dance by putting on music and just bopping about. Find ways to get your body moving that are fun for you!

Even with good self-care, sometimes we need a little peek under the hood, to make sure everything is running smoothly. I check that my patients have adequate amounts of crucial nutrients like vitamin D and iron. I look at methylation pathways to ensure proper utilization of B vitamins and make sure there is optimal physiological functioning of thyroid and adrenal glands. Of course, it’s always nice to give a little TLC to our mitochondria that are producing all of the energy in our bodies. Once I get a full picture of what’s going on, I use botanical medicine, targeted supplements, clinical nutrition, and in some cases acupuncture and homeopathy to support you in THRIVING with vibrant health.

If you would like help increasing your energy and vitality, call us today to schedule an initial consultation. I’m also available for a 15-minute meet and greet to help determine if I am the best choice for your healthcare needs.

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