Creative production company Mmmmm Society premieres
uPhonic Soundsystem’s new music video “Searching for the Sun” directed by Tim Boxell.

Screenings every thirty minutes during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk at Taroko from 6 to 9 pm, February 1st.

Tim Boxell is a director, writer, designer and illustrator who has directed three feature films, over one hundred national commercials, and shorts for Comedy Central and MTV. He also served as creative director at Colossal Pictures in San Francisco.

“I fell in love with Peter’s song the first time I heard it and found that everyone I played it for felt the same way,” says Boxell. “I wanted a piece of music that I could enhance with images, rather than one that forced me to follow a narrative that would limit the heart and the imagination. To me “Searching” for the sun can mean so many different things that it opened the door to some rich, abstract graphic and literal possibilities.”

“Searching for the Sun” is the second song on uPhonic Soundsystem’s debut record “Bella Danger,” the newest project from composer/guitarist Peter Gross, with guest vocals by Adey, and produced and engineered by Something Wicked. The album features nine original tracks, written by Gross, who describes the sound as a surreal soundscape of infectious bass lines, soaring guitars, and haunting vocals.

“When Tim and I first met, I knew immediately that he had really connected with the vibe of the song,” says Gross. “We sat for hours talking about imagery, darkness and light, and all the different ways to take meaning from the lyrics and how they could be distilled and portrayed in a five-minute video. It’s so inspiring to me that Tim would lend his incredible talent to this project and put his work together with my own.”

Much of the music video was shot at the Academy of Art in San Francisco using a myriad of cameras, films and development processes that included 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, digital and the hand-cranked LomoKino camera.

“With uPhonic Soundsystem’s hypnotic song, Tim has created a brilliant dreamy dance of celluloid and digital,” adds Mmmmm Society founder and executive producer, Michele Carnes Ellis.

About Mmmmm Society — Mmmmm Society is a collective of directors, animators, writers, designers and fence jumpers with a broad range of backgrounds; from graphic novels, cg animation, digital effects, product and narrative still photography, to branded shorts and award winning feature films.

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Project Credits:

uPhonic Soundsystem “Searching for the Sun”; Length: 5:30;
Debut Date: February 1, 2013 – Web

Production Company: Mmmmm Society;
Director: Tim Boxell;
Executive Producer: Michele Carnes Ellis;
Director of Photography: Rich Cascio;
Editors: Dennis Silva, Jason Caterdrilla;


Taroko is located at 62 E. Main Street, Ashland, OR 97520

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