Fun Tree Facts


99% of the water a tree extracts from the soil in a day is gassed off into the atmosphere, and not used by the tree…


A Spruce tree in the Swiss Alps has been alive for over 11,000 YEARS!!!!!!!


Less than 1% of ANY tree alive is actually alive (Google it)!!!!!!!!


The area with the most diverse Oak varieties, is the area with the most Jay (bird) varieties…


Trees communicate with each other like Whales, with the help of fungal relationships (Google that too!).


The most broadly planted timber tree comes from a 7 square acre parcel on the coast of California!!!!!!


Some of the best tree climbers on earth are acrophobic!!!!!!


Some of the best people on Earth happen to be tree care professionals I have worked with!!!!!


There are seeds (fruit) from trees that can be preserved for 50 years, planted, and wake up after a half-century and make a new life.


I have wrapped my right hand around a Blue Oak (Quercus douglassii) that after careful counting of rings was 167 years of age!!!!!!


Palm trees are actually a type of grass!!!!!


Tree roots grow so fast, with enough magnification, you can watch them grow!!!!!


A “dormant” tree’s springtime wakeup (rev-up) is dictated by the shortening of dark-time hours, and is accurate to the hour, minute, and second!!!


Modesto ash trees become evergreen under a streetlight!!!!


A bonsai specimen at private auction sold for $750,000.00!!!!!!!!!


Almost all tree forts built were constructed without permits :O!


A Paulownia tree can grow 13′ in 6 months in Phoenix, Oregon!!!!


The tree on your Oregon car license plate is a Douglas fir!!!!!!


A Douglas fir isn’t even a fir (Abies), but a False Hemlock!!!


Eucalyptus flooring lumber has the highest resistant to deformation (denting) than most native hardwoods!!!!!


Canyon live oak lumber is so durable that it was used for narrow gauge rail track!!!!!!!


The largest Black Walnut in the world was (yep, it croaked) was 101 years young (Google “King William” in Napa county, Ca.)


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