“OMG it’s Summer” SPECIAL

I am truly grateful to all the gorgeous women who chose to spend the weekend at the Haven with me for the SHAKTI workshop. It proved to be ‘deeply powerful, giving tools to navigate the inner realms, as we pierced the veil’. A Goddess Mentoring Program is the result now and I will deliver it this summer and again later this November. Please call me for details.

Astrology-wise, the Goddess is standing in the foreground of our lives nudging and prodding she be given Her say, Her voice. She is turning up the volume with her insistent movement within, becoming more and more desirous of the limelight in our lives. She will no longer be denied and She IS demanding that the deeper shadow realm within everybody be cleaned up. She is TURNING UP the volume, well and truly.

Saturn’s Retrograde entrance for the last time into Scorpio June 16th – September 18th, will be tangibly felt as the Lord of Karma will be checking up on all to reveal who has done their Shadow homework and who has not. He will not muck around this time… as a matter of fact, he didn’t muck around last time! Being his 3rd pass over the last degree’s of Scorpio he will mean business as he partners up with ‘Hell Boy’ Pluto for this swan song. (Pluto rules Scorpio). During Saturns’ summer passage both Venus & Mars will have their‘exact square/tension/push us forward’ chat with Saturn, addressing our shadows in the relationship realms as to how we are with money & what and how we value ourselves, the earth, and all relationships in our world. Mars square Saturn asks us some serious questions about our passions; have we finalized the structure and crystallized the delivery plan. He is preparing us for something big afoot folks. Will you be Ready? … I can certainly help you to be ready. Check my special below.

The last two eclipse seasons we have been through in particular, together with the ongoing echo’s of the final Uranus Pluto square has left us all rather jangled and worn out. However, the release and creation of making room within, for LOVE to reign appears to be the only way out of the maze now.

My fortnightly Guided Journey Meditations prior to each New & Full Moon is a soothing and nurturing way to adjust, heal and deepen as we venture along into the summer. Each week we are left amazed as to where we journeyed and the experience received. Donation is $10-15. I invite those who haven’t experienced the Meditations to join us. Call Julieton 541 613 7205

I am running an ‘OMG it’s Summer’ Special for the month of June. A whopping $25 reduction. My healing’s are powerful, lasting, and assist in the above needed ‘Plutonic cleansing’ within. Please check my website for details on what occurs within the healing time. Click on ‘How I work’ page and the ‘Healing’ page.



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