Healing, Peace & LOVE

There are so many of us who are being impulsed to question our lives, right now. Are you really Happy? Why are you here? What is your innate design and why has your life played out as it has? Ponder upon these questions; they will lead you deeper within yourself. You inner world is key to your Mastery during these times of great change.

Are you in charge of your emotions and your mental thoughts? Mastery is paramount if one is to move through the months ahead with peace and calm.

Peace is possible, but it is required within you first before it plays outwards into your world. The breakdown of so much of the OLD ways of how things are done will cause many to panic and become caught in the chaos.

Trust your deepest inner landscape. Observe, regard and comb through all that lies within. Now is certainly the time… to cull and clear out your temple within. Do you even regard your inner world, as your temple? Just as, living in this world, an incredible gift? Various toxic beliefs & lies may lie dormant within, sabotaging your very happiness and true nature. You have always had the Universe at your feet. Peace & Joy IS readily available to you.

Do you truly believe that?

Can you uphold LOVE within you, enough … to arrest, eradicate and prove unworthy once and for all, that which betrays your Birthright. Yes, there are some out there who have done the work required for years … they are living and bathing in less intensity as they sail forth. They earned it because they cleared & forgave. There are so many titles, labels, semantics, genres that flavor and color the simple truth of what Love simply emanates and offers each one of us in every moment. Release those and all that color your perception so that, you too, may experience and be your magnificent Self, shining in the here & now.

There is so much available to you, to all of us, now. The solar flares are delivering exactly what we need to further activate and initiate as we release, forgive and Let Go … the past. Whatever ‘IT’ may have been. The stories no longer matter … We are living in evolutionary times where there is so much Grace occurring. We can reap the Wisdom; Keep the experience and LET GO of the rest. Release the pain, the hurt, the suffering, the lack, the victim, and the perpetrator. Negative emotions create dis-ease, plain & simple.

Allow your bodies and all your cells to drink in LOVE … releasing all that no longer serves you. The time is so Ripe for Healing … don’t wait or hesitate … as we can peek at your transits to see what planets may be prompting, pushing, urging or triggering you so you may gain understanding as to what is occurring for you from a broader and deeper perspective.

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Full Moon Meditation on 5th December. SOLSTICE NEW Moon Meditation on the 21st. Call for details.

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