Eclipsed Change is the Flavour of October!

The Lights are green and we have all been given the Go Ahead. Time to move forward and test the waters … to get your feet wet with the new YOU.

Astrologically, we have been put through the ringer seemingly forever over the last year or more. Saturn and Mars have been insisting on an intense dredging program to reveal all that must be released. Great exposures abound in so many departments. Old ways of being that are no longer worthy of our awareness, our consciousness. Yes, you get to choose what you want to live with, within!

The Evolutionary Invitation or Call has gone out and it is time to get wet and play, to revel in WHO you Truly Are!  So many palettes and so much canvas to use. The Divine Mind, full of Wisdom, is your Google Search engine if you care to use it. We have all been given incredible tools and gifts at our disposal and LOVE is the only key that will turn them ON.

If this all sounds like Gobbilty-goop to you, then perhaps it is time to go within and observe what may lie there. What does your inner world feel like to you? Are you totally comfortable with all that lies therein? Your GPS system will be THE Tool for this “ever-changing Now” that we are all functioning in and continually being pushed deeper into.

Pay Attention. Get Clear. What do you want your World to Be?

We are all in this together. Give a hand up to those who are struggling or having a hard time coping. Many have had their old lives stripped away. It is hard work to re-build; however, therein lies the learning. The simple things are what counts and dell so much.

I am running a 3 week Halloween SALE of 20% from the 27th October thru until Thanksgiving. I encourage all to take advantage of this discount so that MORE depth can be felt within; making increased space for LOVE to be revealed within, and the majority.

Guided Visual Meditation Circles will be held @The Sanctuary on:

7th October for the FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse

22nd October NEW MOON Solar eclipse

**ECLIPSE Season comes with a flavour of energy and impresses change and the Moon adds Her piece.

Please CALL Juliet to reserve your seat or floor space on 541 613 7205 and discover the location.

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