It’s Time

Are you willingly to stand fully in your posture of Who you Are in totality?

Can you bear the waves of energy that have been calling you deeper & deeper? Can you go there into the depths and Breathe freely?

Is your pathway clear to do so? Indeed for some it is seemingly impossible … sometimes those shadows are downright so big and real, bloody scary for that matter.

How can I find it you may ask?  It is found in the stillness, in the very core of who you are. Breathing certainly helps us to get there, focus does too. So breathe and breathe again and be thankful for the simple things in your life.

These Eclipses have been big ones indeed. Change has been the impulse behind the drive of the waves that arrived onto this earth plane washing over us all. No one has been left untouched. How have you been touched? Ponder upon this question and breath into it …. allow the question to move through your atoms and molecules … activate you observation and regard yourself. Is there anything that was exposed, that is holding you back from truly being your great self … or are there still crazy thoughts and pressure to keep you entangled, bridled and holding back?

The TIME is NOW to uphold the Feminine. To uphold Her Love for the earth, humanity, for Love itself. She has been betrayed over and over, vilified, denied and feared for too long. Just keep depth diving, keep discovering where you may have betrayed love. It is the little things that count because they are so easy. They sneak by us, happen by habit. Break them finally.

This world is changing and SHE wants to take you with it. Don’t become left behind because of fear … it is a lie and so not true. Face the fear and discover the Lightness of Being.

*Come and join The Emergence of the Feminine Shakti Power, on 16th & 17th May … I will show and teach you how to connect and tap into The Great Mother, to release Her from deep within you. Why this is necessary, and How She will free you up. She is part of the Mysteries that are now bursting forth and causing much chaos. Come and understand just what is occurring within you. We will practice gentle, experiential meditative exercises, we will unravel part of the Cosmic story of Creation, discovering the Creative Sexual force within YOU. Freeing you up so that you can be the Creative God that you truly are. I will also teach you How to tap in and direct your life with your divine GPS system that lies organically within you.

Register NOW on 541 613 7205

I am available for POST ECLIPSE Healing for MUCH has been exposed. (btw; the affects of the eclipse will last 6 months).

*Guided Meditation @The Sanctuary WESAK Moon on 3rd May. New Moon 18th May 7pm

*Guided Journey Meditation The HAVEN @10.30am 7th & 21st May.

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