Trauma Release

by Paul Doty

I want to thank my wife, Juliet Butters Doty, for allowing me to use her spot here to announce my getting back in the game.

After moving from Australia we are settling into Ashland and it’s time for me to offer my trauma release practice again.

I work with severe trauma; from sexual abuse, to auto accidents, to fear of the water, to PTSD. I have over 20 yrs. of experience and use a body-oriented approach to open the doors for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. With over 40 % of women and 30% of men experiencing some form of sexual abuse, we have a huge population that are not functioning at their top level. And now the many soldiers returning from the Middle East just add to the need for my type of work. Let alone every time we get in a car

I believe we must use a physical approach as these are physical issues at the outset that have many layers and components including the spiritual, emotional, and mental.

Abuse is debilitating on all levels. It can rob us of our life force and the ability to be successful. Often the issues lay hidden in our body and won’t come out until the time is ready. It often takes a skilled person to help in the healing process, but the readiness has to be there.

**If you feel like there is something in you that you don’t understand, it could be an old abuse.

**If you are afraid to engage in life for any reason, I can help.

The body is wise and will not allow you to take on more than you can handle, that is the beauty of our magnificent selves.

I will hold you in the highest regard, with absolute confidentiality, and care to help you in your healing process.

I use many methodologies and I never know which one I’m going to need for an individual client. I work out of a sound proof room in my home, very private and secure.

If you feel that the time is right for you please give me a call and check out my website. I do an informal meeting to see if we are compatible to work together at no cost. Then we would proceed. I have had a startling success in one session, but typically, we are in for a longer road to recovery.

I want to take this journey with you if you are up for the challenge.

Call Paul Doty on 541 8640815

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