The Summer of Love

Here we are in the Summer months and the fires of Leo are glowing. Our hearts are softening and opening to the call … ”On an individual level we are each being asked to experience The School of Leo – the influence of fire, passion, creativity, and self-expression.  Essentially, it has a lot to do with the essence of the heart and our connection with it.”

The love essence of Venus is emboldening us to go deeper into our hearts. We are being asked to venture and stay a while, to become close to and ‘oh, so familiar’ with the totality of ourselves. This year we have all walked through much heartfelt, old emotional trauma, wounds, buried secrets, passions, and pains which have been tucked away. We have had to face that which must not be overlooked anymore if we are to be free and walk our dharma.

When Venus is retrograde it is a time of navigating through the depths of ourselves. This will be a 40 day quest to re-discover the hidden, forgotten, and abandoned aspects of the self.  In Leo, it is an emphasis upon our relationship with Love, Joy and Pleasure and the relationship by which we express these qualities of being. Retrogrades are about re-assessing, re-doing, and re-membering. They are opportunities to go back and potentially “do over” what was done or unfinished from the past.

It’s time for the ‘DO OVER’ within! Whether you get it done within yourself by yourself, wonderful … or, if you need assistance, CALL me and let’s get this DO OVER done. These are no longer times to be shy about it or embarrassed that it is still there. 

It no longer matters. What matters is that it gets cleared out.

September is the month when  The DAYSTAR MYSTERY SCHOOL kicks into gear.

If you have ever wondered, desired, craved, or been curious about …

#How to channel or hear your inner guidance. This class is for you.

#HOW to Pray authentically and bring back true devotion into your prayer. Jump on it.

# How to Forgive and Let Go, how to Release and Surrender old patterns. Do it.

# How to identify patterns that no longer serve you, identify symptoms that are consequences & ramifications of past choices and experiences. Because you are not that person anymore you don’t have to continue to carry around old baggage.

#HOW to manage the MIND. How to quiet the mind.

#The EMOTIONAL Body. The Balance of Giving & Receiving. SELF WORTH

Tools & Techniques that really WORKBe the SOUL DRIVER of YOU.

The GUIDED JOURNEY MEDITATIONS will be early this month.

The Haven Meditations will be 6th August and 13th August @10:30AM.

The Sanctuary Meditations New Moon 13th August @7:00PM.  Call Juliet on 541 613 7205

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