When To Pull The Plug…

by Casey P. Roland

After the better part of 40 years, or so, as a tree guy, I must confess, the worst part of the business, is condemning a particular tree.

It is my duty, legally, as well as morally, to put a literal “Death Card” on a tree.

Like a good dentist, or good auto mechanic, we, as experts, must conclude to you that it is time… It isn’t without careful consideration, or callousness, I make the call.

So, when should you kill your tree?

To sum it up, 3 questions you (and I) must ask are;

Is it big enough to kill/hurt me, my loved ones, or anyone even remotely involved with an attorney?

Is the cost/benefit worth the risk to mitigate?

And finally, what is the tree worth to YOU?

You might consider a plan for replacement, and, where space allows, leave a portion of the removal for wildlife habitat…

I have clients that choose to occupy the space under a tree, that when it does fail, (and, all trees fail, eventually) It could, in all likelihood, crush them like a beer can… That is dedication! I love people with gusto!

Personally, I know too much to push my luck, but I climb, and have climbed trees that were long due to fail!, so my hat is off to you!

We choose to live amongst trees, it is what we do, the way we are wired…

My best advice to you, is GET A SECOND OPINION! Whether it is me or (enter name of business here), it doesn’t cost anything to ask!

Due diligence is the word for the day.

Look forward to an epic fall planting season, but plan accordingly…

Enjoy your fall color show, it looks to be a good one!   

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