Eclipse Season 

We have 2 eclipses this month and they are powerful. The coming Solar Eclipse New Moon@11.41pm on the 12th will prove to be the Biggest New Moon of 2015.

The  Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, the Harvest Moon in the sign of Aries, @7.50pm on the 27th


Guided Journey Meditation at The Sanctuary will be on the 12th & 27th @7pm

The Haven Guided Journey Meditations will be on the 3rd & 17th September @10.30am

*My Guided Journey Meditations carry enough palpable healing energies to flush out various elements and glitches that may block you as you fall into a peaceful space.

I am launching ‘The Mechanics of SOUL MASTERY’ mentoring program.

# If you are feeling Tapped Out and want to get TUNED IN,

# If you are floundering on any level and desire to flourish in life, and finally

# If you want to move out of being Fear based and live in a Trust Based life …

then this IS the program for you.

*My ‘The Mechanics of SOUL MASTERY’ Program will speak to your Soul.

How do you connect? How can you get Tuned IN? This is simple Quantum physics together with learning how to work with energy. It is the Mystery UNVEILED & made simple for YOU.

What are people saying about Juliet in Ashland?

‘Juliet brings great intuition and ‘witnessing’ to her abilities – Fatima

’A Teacher extraordinaire, Juliet models tools in a seamless, practical and beautiful way that one can use to continue their journey no matter what may come in future years … Juliet is the Real Thing’ – Jan

‘I have felt a cellular shift and up-liftment in every area of my life”- Lynne

‘Juliet has achieved a super human mastery when it comes to her sight and ability to communicate the dynamics within my many bodies – Crystal

We seem to be on a constant evolving cycle of carving deeper and deeper. The planetary energies urge us to push through, to rise above, to let go and forgive. We are on an endurance run of sorts and we are all being carved into the more. More Love.

What is your Souls’ desire? What is it that is wanting to have a voice from deep within you?

If you mention this Advert you will be given a FREE Gift AND a 15 minute Consult Call.

Call Juliet NOW on 541- 613 -7205.


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