Juliet Butters Doty

GUIDED JOURNEY MEDITATIONS will fall on the 1st, 15th & the 30th July @ The Sanctuary.
@The Ashland Haven will be the 2nd & 16th July. Donation of $10
Please call Juliet of the where exactly.
The DAYSTAR MYSTERY SCHOOL will move into full swing this FALL starting mid September. CLASSES will cover;

#HOW TO receive Guidance. How to hear your Angel Guide and KNOW its not just your thoughts.

#How to FORGIVE … Let Go … Release. How do you actually do that?

#HOW TO PRAY. The mechanics of Prayer, the harmonics it can Create for YOU.
Pray to what? Your Relationship with Source, the crux of the issue between you & YOU.

#GODDESSES. How can they help. How do they work. What Archetypes are running in your life? The Alchemy of the GREAT MOTHER. Transforming HER Power into Your Power. Standing in your full Posture of Soul Essence.

#HOW to manage the MIND. Harness the mind to work FOR YOU. How to quiet the mind. Streamline & use new habits to honour your gifts.
Be the SOUL DRIVER of your Life.

#The EMOTIONAL Body. WHY it is key to your living a SOULFUL Life and your Freedom. The Balance of Giving & Receiving in your world & how this correlates to your SELF WORTH levels, How you value yourself AND your ability to digest food, digest life!
Bottom line is … Learn to function from the SOUL rather than the personality. Learn HOW TO Bust yourself wide open.
FREE phone time to discuss any and all possibilities with you on 541 613 7205

“My lifetime spiritual quest has led me to many healers who have all been gifted and helpful. However, Juliet has been over the top, as she has the ability to take one to the very depths of the glitches, twist and turns of the soul’s journey.
My life has become easy, happy and at peace due to Juliet’s guidance into the mystery. Her compassion and gentle way of being, makes going into darkness and bringing myself back to the light healing, a grand, as well as a safe, adventure.
A Teacher extraordinaire, Juliet models tools in a seamless, practical and beautiful way that one can use to continue their journey no matter what may come in future years. I am truly blessed to have experienced Juliet’s Self-Mastery School and her beautiful presence”.
Jan Sneider-Brown. Ashland, Oregon

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