A Visual Journey into the Heart …


I invite you on a journey.

Allow everything to dissolve so that all that is left, as you breathe in and out, slowly coming into your personal pace …. is the Heart.

We call upon this amazing moment in time and call upon the Life Force Power of the Universe, Prime Creator of All that Is, Father/Mother of our Souls, and the glorious Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

Allow the soles of your feet to gain entrance from the core of the earth. Allow the channel to flow from the earth through your feet, through your legs. Up into your spine. Feel it move within the synovial fluid up the vertebra, up the chakra column, expanding into the sixth chakra occupying your seventh chakra. Breathing along with this exquisite presence.

And now, picturing around you, a huge sphere bigger than this room and you are breathing into the sphere from your heart chakra and then breathing in from this sphere through your heart chakra. So it is almost as if this balloon, this enormous sphere, is expanding and then feeding you and expanding and filling you. As you breathe in and out. (Deep breathing).

We are inside the heart chamber as it breathes in life and breathes out life. There is the physical heart and deep, deep within, the chakra is the spiritual heart. Just allow the breath and your ongoing breathing into the sphere from the sphere through your heart. Allow the opening. Allow your treasure chest to be opened more.

As you look behind your closed eyes, as you scan your heart, you are going deeper. You are finding a deeper aspect of yourself. It is almost as if the heart chakra has various leaves, like a few pages in a book and as we turn those leaves over, layers of the heart, it is getting more and more delicate, more and more sacred as you breathe. (Deep breathing).

We are getting deeper within the heart. It is almost as if, just like when you are in bed you rollover. It is almost as if the heart is getting comfortable with you focusing so thoroughly on its depths and then rolling over, there is a further exposure and now we are getting to the vulnerable you. The part that you don’t often expose and it’s a precious place. How soft is it? How often do you get deep, deep inside YOU? It is almost as if one is exposing oneself sensually almost, because it is so very personal and yet there is a oneness. There is a hugeness that is so sacred. Allow this part of you to really relax and take up more space. It is almost as if you are taking up the whole bed. Take up your whole heart chakra now. Expand and breathe …

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