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cover_juielt_dottyLast year we introduced readers to Juliet Butters Doty, a Spiritual Body Trainer who is now an important member of our Ashland community. Juliet previously discussed her experiences of being involved in the ‘Daystar Mystery School.’  Trained and mentored by Reverend Medina Varley, a seemingly ordinary woman with extraordinary knowing, Juliet’s interview with the LocalsGuide was her public debut in sharing her own story of mystical insight and knowing.  Her public introduction opened up the doors for meeting and working with over 150 individuals from Ashland and beyond in the past year alone. From shadow work to dealing with anxiety and spiritual challenges, Juliet helps individuals to “Unwind the Soul” safely and gently guiding them through a process of spiritual evolution. I spoke with Juliet once again recently to review this past year’s work and to look ahead for what’s to come in 2015.

Hi Juliet, thanks for reconnecting with us here at LocalsGuide. Tell us a little bit about your past year here in Ashland.

After an incredible year of leaving Australia and arriving into Ashland … I introduced myself to the amazing community of Ashland through the LocalsGuide interview. It seemed the only way to do it really … just jump right in. Truly, the reception has been incredible from the beginning until now. I have been welcomed so beautifully and embraced by many. Thank you Ashland for your Grace landing into your community. 

Yet again, I feel it is time to continue the jump into the more. I have met so many people and have been privileged to escort them through their journey of expansion and into what is next for them. 2014 has been a year of inner questioning, serious depth diving and a sincere letting go of old and well worn patterns for most. I don’t think anyone has been left unscathed from the great waves of transmuting energies of the past year. I have met some remarkable people, some have returned multiple times to deepen the revealing and others just needed a tweek here and there and they were free to fly.

What reasons did people have for coming to you?Juliet_Dotty_9

For most it is generally for clarity, to clear a block, a glitch, something that they can’t get past or through. For others, a sense of being simply unable to get out of the ditch, not knowing how or where to start. Or, it can be a deep spiritual turmoil and questioning, a spiritual crisis of sorts. Who Am I and why am I here, what is my purpose. We all desire, on a deep Soul level, to be fulfilled in the Heart, to feel deeply connected … and for some, there is an inability to see clearly, to feel not being a part of this earth or even here, the ability to know how to move ahead, confusion, crazy thinking or out of control thoughts, for some these may be torturous. Some call this ‘Monkey mind’, it can simply be this and it can also be a dark infiltration that has taken hold.

There can be repeating cycles of the maze and the inability to get out, being trapped in their own form of ‘hell’. I have some who have fear of breathing deeply into the body and lower belly, essentially, unable to take up residence in their own vehicle, unable to ground and fully be here. A feeling of being held down caught in negative emotion, depression, repeating into a fear syndrome and just unable to get out of it.  There are those who simply want to grow more, evolve and what is next for them flows through.

Juliet_Dotty_8In a community of healers, what approach do you take that makes your offerings unique?

I am not here to compare, rather to bring a unique approach that I was taught in the Mystery School. Briefly, we unraveled the Collective Story across all time. We all carry that story within us in our own unique way. No two are alike … Our layers are woven together like a maze of fiber optics and I am able to see where the wiring becomes caught and twisted. The power of the mind, the strength of beliefs, the various thought structures mixed in with our emotions create such a vortex of energy within us that we need to unravel in a sequential manner to be free entirely, of force field ‘energy’ that has held a soul for many lifetimes unable to get out. Again and again, it seems to be where love has been betrayed, out of fear, mixed in with unworthiness issues. The mental body becomes enmeshed and caught with replays of the emotions and the cycle continues. I am able to extricate the symptoms as I feel them run through me in a healing session. My guides know exquisitely the perfection of how to unravel a soul so that they retrieve the gold and treasure within, revealing the light which was always there, just unavailable. I am shown and given the pictures and puzzles that release the lockdown long-held, over time.

Sounds rather detailed but it is made very clear to me in a session; I see pictures & visions, I feel emotions experienced in the past, I sense where in the body it is caught, I walk through the mental fog or confusion, literally feel how the client is affected by it, or perhaps the myriad of endless thought mania. An understanding is gained as to how this occurred and the learning garnered. I gather all these symptoms and hand them up to the ‘Life Force Power of the Universe’ to rectify. The Power of Prayer is tremendous and it works.

Over the past year you have had the opportunity to watch amazing transformations within your clients. Tell us about this.Juliet_Dotty_7

For some it has been a transformative experience and for others a greater understanding of themselves and their particular passage in this life. What I deliver and teach is a simple approach that is truly not easy at times. If someone receives a miracle then they have more than likely earned it. For others there is often a very important learning that needs to be experienced for the Soul’s evolution.  With that said, yes, some have experienced a great freeing up and experience rejuvenation in their life; greater clarity and peace; old triggers just no longer there; ability to change their personal frequency and be more fluid.

“The breadth and depth of her work is brilliant, unique, and powerful. Going back to the beginning of time, layer upon layer, lifetime upon lifetime were revealed and unwound from my being at core level.  I am grateful to Juliet for assisting my Soul to have a glorious opportunity to be harmonious with Life now … not then.”  – Maureen Moss, Ashland

Juliet_Dotty_6Please share a little bit more about your personal process of prayer.

I use prayer continually. The power of prayer materializes the sacred field to be exactly as I call it, delivering a deeper communion for the client and the visual delivery of clarity on what the need required for the client distinctly is. I am able to achieve the clear out, the eradication of age-old dysfunction, leaving the client to realize a deeper & more authentic experience of whom they are. Prayer calls upon the Loving guides and angels, Masters, Gods and Goddesses who care so much for our wellbeing and want only to assist us to grow and expand into more Love.

I am specifically detailing within the prayer so as to protect the clients’ field, and also, to achieve all that can be possible across all time, throughout the entire Cosmos. If one is general in prayer, you will get general results. If you are specific you will get specific, detailed results. With the client’s permission, I petition on their behalf, upholding the Cosmic Law of Free Will, by specifically detailing what we are attempting to achieve. Resulting in a full spectrum result.

I am also utilizing my relationship with Source, my knowing to hone into receiving the results on my clients behalf. It’s like the client gets to take advantage of my personal mileage points acquired, with my Guides.

Certainly though, for a Soul who truly needs the help and has tried so much to be relieved spiritually, yearns to be free and has done some work on their inner world, then the Grace truly pours in. It is remarkable to witness when this happens for someone.

Juliet, you were originally trained in the Daystar Mystery School and now run your own school. Please tell us about it.Juliet_Dotty_5

I teach essentially how I was taught. I bring through all that is seen to be important for the soul/s present. It is a trick to stick to any curriculum as the Master’s truly have their own method and agenda, therein lies the Mystery. However, I do have a course mapped out with 8 Gates, a website, private video pages and MP3 experiential Meditations library available for students. I find it so fascinating and just amazing as to how the Masters’ weave their way for different classes even whilst covering the same subject matter. The teachings always flow through differently; exquisitely and perfectly, adjusted for each unique soul. The school requires a desire from the individual to unravel, to inquire; to Know Thyself more intricately … I do require the students to be ruthlessly honest with themselves so that movement forward can indeed occur. The gloss is disassembled completely and exposure of the egoic tricks is experienced. It is not necessarily a comfortable experience. A nakedness is experienced; indeed, that is where the authentic self can be found.

Juliet_Dotty_4Your training is organized into eight different gates. Can you say more about this?

I teach in essence, how to do what I do. How to unravel or unwind the soul? How to better “Know Thyself?” How does one know how to look for symptoms of a layer and how does one monitor and scan or observe oneself? It’s like busting the ego’s tricks, the past agenda’s and games. The mind can be very clever. The old paradigm, in a sense, within, keeps us trapped in our own personal Hell realm that is very hard to get out of if you don’t know how, or what to recognize. There are physical symptoms too, not just mental and emotional ones. I teach the basics of the Breath and how to breath deeply into the body. I cover all the bodies and systems that are within the physical body as all play a role and are involved in the revealing of the Soul. Everything has a direct correlation and is related to everything else.

The gates covered involve; The Breath of Life, 23 Bodies & Systems, The Mental Body, The Feeling Body & your Divine GPS system, The Power of Prayer, Frequency Modulation and How tos, Sacred Sexuality; balance of Masculine & Feminine.

You are now accepting applications for January enrollment. How does this work?Juliet_Dotty_3

Quite simply by calling me and having a chat about how the course would and could relate to them personally. I am relatively flexible with the payment plan; and can break the payments into 4 payments.  An introductory healing session would be in order so that the person may experientially understand what I do and how I go about it and feel whether it may be something that further assists them.

What are some of the biggest challenges experienced by your clients?

  • Feeling totally trapped in the crazy mind a mind that I describe ‘like a wild horse.’ You are a victim of your own thought process. Life is reflecting an ‘out of control, putting out fires’ all over the place.  It is hard to arrest this. It can also feel like a force field that holds you in this way.
  • There are those that have voices that are interjected in amongst ones’ own thoughts; somewhat hard to discern but it happens.
  • Having severe anxiety. With so much energy coming into your vehicle from the cosmos, that the body is unable to handle it.
  • Structural complications can also be resulting from a spiritual retraction/rejection from aeons ago.
  • Heart palpitations
  • Intense physical skin rashes
  • Digestion problems
  • There are just so many variables as all that occurs in our lives leads back to the first cause, the Spiritual Body. To every action there is always a reaction. We have had many many actions across all time.

Juliet_Dotty_2What are your own reflections on this past year?

2014 has been an intense year for most; I don’t think anyone has been untouched. There has been a persistent pressure on all to expose and reveal the old and redundant ways of being that need to be released, what’ ere that may be … individually and collectively. So much that has been hidden for many, many years, is and has been exposed. (A good example is Bill Cosby.) Saturn, the Lord of Karma & Time, authority, leadership, responsibility and the earth … will not take no for an answer any longer and he is in partnership with Pluto, the planet of Transmutation, death and rebirth. The two together are a formidable team demanding that we dig deep, all the way, and oust all that is in the way of Love, our Light and our purpose for being here. Presently they both rule the sign that each planet is traveling through, so they have been working closely together. Saturn has been at the end of Scorpio so he will take us all up to Christmas Eve before we arrive into a Sagittarius Saturn for our Xmas present. Bless us all, for indeed, we have earned it.

You define yourself as a Spiritual Body Trainer. Can you say more about this and explain the services you offer?

I take my clients through a process, during a healing. Firstly, I ask the client what they would like to achieve during the time available. I then visually escort the client to a safe and supportive place within a meditation format, simultaneously creating a safe and sacred space. The energetic field is the clients’ culmination of experience acquired across all time, so it is imperative that they are safe. That is why I am very specific with my choice of words in the prayers so that ‘only that which is of the Highest Good’ may occur for them, according to ‘Cosmic Law’ and so forth.

I see the electro magnetic field. We are all energy; a compilation of all of our lifetimes in the Here & Now. All of our experience across all time is in the field. I feel, see, and hear, words/visions/instruction/physical symptoms/mental emotional symptoms transmitted through me what needs to be addressed. This may be a simple adjustment or a bigger revealing. The revealing and understanding for the clients sake is the important part, as it is their treasure that is about to be dealt with, not mine. The learning becoming Wisdom is the Gold.  Love creates the alchemy.

I give tools, practices and exercises to retrain and discipline the Mental Body. These are exercise just like ‘at the Gym,’ whereby practicing them strengthens the muscles involved. Attaining the posture desired within the Spiritual Body and in relationship to all the bodies. I also encourage a nurturing and loving aspect that is so important for many … to love oneself. I give a meditation exercise to nurture and heal what can be a very upset and traumatized Solar Plexus. The seat of the Emotional Body and core to the digestive system; our ability to digest life, receive Love and be complete. The Emotional Body is at the entrance point to the Heart Chakra. When the Heart or any other energy center in the body has pain or trauma, experience of any kind, wrapped up in ‘story’ where judgment is involved, (whether a soul was a victim or indeed the perpetrator), then the true essence of the Soul is sullied and cannot be experienced as brightly.

So the notion of ‘Spiritual Body Training’ is a serious one really, if an aspirant truly wants to progress and evolve. It takes dedication and commitment, guts and courage to gain the glory that is there for everyone. It is our Birthright.

Change can sometimes take a lot of time to occur.Juliet_Dotty_1

Depending on the detailed ‘what’ has just occurred for the client, it can take time to clear out or move on. I give tools and practices to strengthen the muscles to regain their posture & fortitude. Age-old muscle memories are involved, and can be the possible karmic interrelationship that can reach deep into the past/ in essence. So it is complex for us to ‘deem to know’ about the karma involved or the choices made before we came in. There are various protocols, tools to practice and if things haven’t cleared out, then Karmic play out is the deduction.

I like to always suggest a ‘Series of 3’ healings to begin with, as the deeper change truly, only comes with a dedication to oneself to unwind and clear out that which holds us back. I can’t possibly clear that in one healing. The body cannot take the energetic intensity. The greater changes therefore accrue over a few healings and fundamentally moving into a daily practice of taking responsibility for us to evolve into more and more Love.

Change can come in many forms; the best way to create change is to do your best, you can’t do better than that. Put the effort in and ‘Upstairs’ will go the rest of the mile to assist you.  Ask, “What would love do or say?” in any situation, and do your best to mimic that or be that. My teacher used to say … “Fake it till you make it.”   The best knowing to have within is to know that the Flame of Love is in the Heart propelling one forward. Turning the attention inwards, to Love, to that Flame of Love, rather than out into the multitude of stories and projections … that’s how to walk forward. It is making Love a choice-less decision every time.

Juliet, you also offer Full Moon Meditations and prayer. Tell us more.

Bi-monthly I run a circle of New & Full Moon Meditations. It is more a Guided Visual Journey.  Sometimes, it is rather adventurous as we are escorted to travel into other realms; quite incredible sometimes. Each week is different as the energies of the Moons are different depending on what the astrology is impulsing at the time. It is relieving for some to know what that may be, so I do share a little about the astrology of he Moon prior to the Meditation.

We meditate, or travel into the inner realms/ and galactic realms for about an hour. Healing’s are given by The Masters to individuals; some receiving a different healing from another. The experience is quite palpable and distinct and felt by all.

Many people have come to you after searching or suffering for long periods of time. Do you have any recent success stories you might like to share?

I have a clear sharing from a young mother …

“Juliet’s brilliant insights have given me greater clarity about who I am and how to move forward in life. I feel more centered and certain about my soul’s purpose now.  The images and descriptions she shared with me have stayed with me, supporting my unfolding. Before I met Juliet I was feeling stuck and doubting how to move forward.  I know my results wouldn’t have been otherwise possible because I had experienced coaching, hypnotherapy, group workshops, and shamanic journeys that brought me to a certain point. But the unique healing and insight Juliet offered me has affected me in a deep and lasting way.  Juliet has achieved a super human mastery when it comes to her sight and ability to communicate the dynamics within my many bodies.  I am currently a stay-at-home mom with two children under 4. I was feeling spiritually lost, directionless, frustrated with past professional experiences, and stuck in self-judgment.  After these sessions, I have felt significant change in my personal and professional life. I interact differently with my husband. I am more certain and clear about who I am and the gifts I bring. I have had creative solutions come to me professionally, and am able to bring fresh energy to a challenging relationship, while pursuing further education to develop my career. Juliet has been available as questions arise, and I sense she cares deeply about lasting transformation of her clients. I am grateful to have her as an ally.”

A recent testimonial from another lady …

“Thank you for your love, healing, acceptance and teaching. It has given me tools, allowing me to be on the “driver seat” more often when going through triggering events of all kinds. I have gotten more deeply in touch with my true power. It has become easier to change the momentum of a difficult moment. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I do not have to be replaying the same programming again and again.”

And from another …

“Juliet’s teaching is simple and the healing ensuing from it is profound. In the course of eight weeks, I started to catch myself often thinking, ‘I am so happy!’ for no obvious reason but perhaps the sight of a bird or the pleasure of greeting a new day. I began to experience the internal radiance and strength of my body, a feeling of curiosity instead of rejection about events that trigger me and a gradual ability to shift the low moods or negative feelings created by those events. Of course, some situations are more challenging than others. Yet, inquiring into one’s pain works. I also discovered that behind the curtain of suffering is a deep longing for acceptance and love. Quoting Juliet, ‘The key is Love’.“

You also work remotely with clients all around the world.

Yes, it is so easy to. Skype is a marvel! It is exactly as if the person is literally in the same room with me. I have clients in Australia, New Zealand, France, The Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, India, South Africa and of course, the US & Canada.

What has been your favorite part of living in Ashland this past year?

The people are so very warm and friendly, the whole town, an eclectic group of much talent, embracing my husband & I effortlessly. I am looking forward to some skiing, but truly, the hiking is phenomenal … It has become my lost ocean :) where I have met quite a few special and lasting friendships on the trails!

Do you have any advice or wisdom for this new year?

If you haven’t done your homework spiritual speaking it’s going to be a rough ride. I provide the tools so that you can ride the ride. The tsunami waves of energy are going to keep rolling in. You can ride these waves.

2015 starts off with a roller coaster ride of energy like last year, and then after April it smoothes out somewhat. The pressure to release and let go of what must be cleared out is prevalent throughout, although it will be insisted upon from September onwards. For those who may have resisted up until this point, the incisions to do so may not be pretty.

When Pluto is involved, particularly at this point, in the long 6 x ‘Square Dance’ Tunnel we have all been through … It would behoove you to take heed and take responsibility for your role in this collective rectification process we have all been riding. Are you ready?  The 3 Mercury Retrogrades will be in the air signs this year, so intuition and quick thinking with new ideas, symbols & dreams flowing through to those who are empty enough to receive, will be paramount.  It will be a great year for study so if you feel the inkling to join the school please feel free to call me and we can discuss further how that could flow into your life. It will help you to ride these ongoing waves of great change.

With that said … I am available to assist, teach, guide, read your astrology chart; determine where the two planets are insisting to change your life, go into Sacred Space and get to work with your dear self. I say this with Love … as true results can only come from Love. I always hold that as the one and only Key to use.

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