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cover_tile_and_stoneConveniently located at 552 “A” Street in the Historic Railroad District, The Tile & Stone Design Center is your one-stop shop for all your tile and stone needs.  Owned and operated by Trevor Hayes, the Tile & Stone Design Center has served the Rogue Valley for more than 25 years. We headed downtown recently to speak with Trevor and get a tour of his fabulous new design center.

Trevor thank you so much for speaking with us today. You have now been working in the tile and stone business for more than 25 years. How did you first get started in the business and how has your business evolved over the years?

I was actually hired as a part time warehouseman and truck driver for a tile company in Chico, CA. I have stayed in the industry and worked my way up through the ranks to finally owning my own store for about 13 years now.

You have actually never needed to advertise before but wanted to do this interview with the LocalsGuide as a way of reaching out and introducing yourself to the community of Ashland.Tile_Stone_10

Yes, our business has really thrived on being 100% referral. Now moving to Ashland I wanted to take the opportunity to reach out to the builders, architects and the homeowner community and say hello. We invite professionals and homeowners alike to come on down and see the store.

For the past 13 years your Medford shop served customers from all over the Rogue Valley.  How are things going now that you’ve opened in Ashland?

Very positive! Everyday we get people in to take a look around and say, “Welcome to the neighborhood!” and “It’s great to have you in town, we needed this!” I’ve had a chance to see some familiar faces and we’re meeting new people everyday. It’s been a very comfortable transition so far.

Tile_Stone_7Trevor the shop looks great!  Please give us a tour.

We’re really set up for every size project. A main focus is to be up on the trends and offer some styles that maybe aren’t offered elsewhere locally. We have Italian imported tile by Richards & Sterling, hand made tile from Pratt & Larson, American made tile by American Olean & Florida Tile.  And we can also supply large commercial projects by using DAL Tile.

Tell us about these beautiful counter tops.

Thank you for the compliment. We have our own fabrication shop and our own installers. All of our work is done locally. We can work on Granite slabs, Soapstone slabs and one of the more popular counter top materials lately, Quartz. Counter tops, vanities and even walk-in shower walls. We’ve done a little bit of everything.

The Tile & Stone Design Center is already well known to many contractors, designers and local builders.  Do you also work directly with homeowners?Tile_Stone_6

Absolutely. Most of our homeowner clients come in multiple times throughout the length of their project either by themselves or with a builder or designer. It’s really nice to get to know them on a more personal basis during this time.   

What advantage do you bring for homeowners looking to do work in their own homes?

We’re very set up for a Do it Yourself-er. We carry the install materials, we offer rental saws if needed and being in this industry for such a long period of time we can offer the knowledge and knowhow on how to get the job done right. If I don’t know the answer I don’t try to fake my way through a job. I wouldn’t do that to anyone. I enjoy taking the time to talk to the right person to get the right answers to ensure a proper install. Nobody knows everything.

Tile_Stone_3Trevor you have worked on spectacular projects. Please tell us about a few of the people you have worked with.

We have been fortunate to work with some of the top end builders and General Contractors in the valley over the years. Steve Asher, Mike Pagnini, Matt Bryant of Riverdell Homes, and Keith Swink sure have kept us busy with some impressive remodel jobs.  And designers like Tekla Delaney, Maggie Javna, Carolyn Allman and Julie O’Dwyer have helped us see the insides of homes I could only dream about.

I am sure you have seen some spectacular bathrooms and kitchens.

This valley has some of the best indoor and outdoor kitchen views in the world.  We have done kitchens overlooking the mountains and valleys and also river views. We’ve even helped on a few ocean view kitchens over in Brookings and Bandon. Sometimes I just take a minute and look around to appreciate what these people get to enjoy everyday.

What are some of the challenges you face on an average day that allow you to go above and beyond for your customers?Tile_Stone_1

Every job is different and has its own personality. They are all the same in that they all involve tile, but that’s as far as it goes. We get to know the customers; their wants and or needs. I enjoy that part of the process. Then you really feel like you’ve helped somebody rather than just answered a question. Sometimes people will lean on us for our knowledge having bought their tile elsewhere.  I don’t mind. Like I said, I want the customer to have the correct information. I don’t want tile to have a bad reputation because of having it installed incorrectly. That doesn’t help them or me.

What are your customers and colleagues saying about Tile & Stone Design Center?

“The Tile & Stone Design Center has great and varied materials. I’ve found the owner easy to work with, integritous and ethical. He stands by his products and installers – never a difficulty we couldn’t find a solution to. Five stars!” 

– cynthialaughery

“As a wholesale distributor, I can only write a review of the feedback i receive from Trevor’s customers. His customers have always been appreciative of his fabrication and installation work, but they are also grateful for other intangibles, easy to contact and deal with, will tell you if something can and/or should be done.  Good work and good service are The Tile & Stone Design Centers trademark.”


“I frequently work with Tile and Stone on my design projects. I send clients to visit the showroom, because the selection and carefully arranged tile vignettes are so helpful, as well as beautiful. Trevor has a vast knowledge of the business, and his recommendations are always spot on! Great place for tile in Southern Oregon!”

-style matters

“I have worked with ‘The Tile and Stone Design Center’ for several years and appreciate the great resource. As a business owner, I know how much it takes to create and maintain an up to date showroom. Having a local showroom with such variety and unique products is invaluable. I also depend on the knowledge and follow through.”

– Carolyn Allman, ASID, NCIDQ

“The Tile and Stone Design Center has been a gift to the design world of Southern Oregon. Trevor has an amazing selection and knowledge of all his products and even more impressive is his own sense of design. The showroom is very visual and easy to take your clients to.”

– delaney desings

Tile_Stone_6What are your hours?

Right now we’re open from 9am – 5pm weekdays and weekends are by appointment. We are a small, family owned business and are willing to work around your schedule. If we are in town, we are willing to meet you anytime you need to. Just ask!

Learn More:

The Tile & Stone Design Center, Inc.

552 “A” Street, Ashland


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