Sex Therapy for Self Awakening

by Dr. Zeb Lancaster –

Sexuality is the fundamental root of creative drive. If your sexual Self is blocked, your creative energies just can’t flow. However, exploring your sexuality in a safe, respectful way, allows you to tap into the unique expression of your life-energy. Attuning to your sensory experience awakens a profound dimension of your sense of Self.

Selfhood issues of how you see yourself, how other people treat you, and how you think others see you, not only impact the quality of your relationships in life. These perspectives can obscure awareness of your authentic Self, stifle creativity, and stimulate sexual discord.

Sex therapy is a “bottom up,” body-to-mind approach to creative and sexual health. All discord gets lodged in your body as tightness or lack of muscle tone, and in your mind as hyper-vigilance or lack of presence. This has a direct impact upon the quality and quantity, accumulation and distribution of your life-energy. It inhibits your ability to skillfully build arousal, sustain pleasure, or allow the uninhibited flow of your creative and sexual energy.

Neuro-biologist Alan Schore (2003) confirmed that the part of the right brain that controls emotions, the limbic system, is governed by body sensations. Understanding and effectively recognizing body sensations and thereby intelligently guiding your body’s energy system is vital for rapid recovery from challenging events and for supporting self-empowerment and creativity.

Developing your full sexual potential in sex therapy goes beyond the ability to simply achieve a vital erection or full body orgasm. Skilled sex therapy helps you discover how the content of emotional issues impact your body, inhibit your sensory experience, and limit the creative expression of your most authentic Self. You discover where and how you shut off from the natural flow of life-energy and your feelings. This allows you to heal old emotional wounds, and uncover vibrant self-love.

Not being present to your body’s sensory experience is like a mindless hug. Somatic sex therapy teaches you body-mind-energy practices for Self-awakening as a sensory body experience.

This is where Tantra Yoga adds texture and depth to sex therapy and your creative life-energy. Tantra Yoga is a quest to uncover and refine your most authentic Self (the Divine Self, Atman, God/Goddess within). You learn to expand the sensations of wholeness-of-being and pleasure that naturally arise from embodying this authenticity.

Awakening your sense of Self as a divine body experience is like giving your heart back to yourself. Experiencing this most interior and authentic part yourself becomes a spiritual awakening.

Tantric Sex Therapy brings the divine self-awakened YOU to every moment of your life. You’ll uncover heightened aliveness, depth of meaning, and a creative empowerment to surpass your wildest dreams.

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