Your Sexual Mind, Body & Spirit

Sex can be defined in many ways beyond the heterosexual model of “insert body part A into body part B,” but in this article I’m broadly referring to erotic physical pleasure that may involve a partner(s) and genital contact, but does not have to.

Besides the momentary fun of it, sex is healthy for our mind, body, and even our spiritual connection. Just on the physical standpoint, studies consistently show that sex is good for you in a host of ways: it can boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, and reduce both pain and stress levels. It can even lower the risk of heart attacks and prostate cancer.

Sex is also good for our state of mind as it helps to regulate hormones, boosts our self-confidence, lowers stress, and acts as a natural antidepressant when it releases endorphins in the brain. This in turn reduces depression and pain.

“Oh God!”

When we choose to experience sex as a path of spiritual awakening, a sublime opening often happens. The world around us disappears and our spiritual essence opens, creating a sacred union with ourselves, our partner, and our higher power. For some people intentional love-making is deeply healing and profoundly transformative.

Sacred sexuality differs from “normal” sex in several ways. With normal sex, there’s usually a goal—a finish line so to speak, which is orgasm. Sacred sex, on the other hand, is more like a meditation as it has no such goal. This alone changes everything. Imagine if you are watching clouds on a spring day, laying on the grass in a peaceful place. Clearly there’s no goal (I’m going to find a bunny and a dolphin in this cloud). The experience itself is the objective. Now imagine you’re with a lover, connecting with a receptive, soft focus. Watch the moments of creation, like the clouds, pass through and between you and your partner.

To get a taste of spiritual sex, try this experiment: the next time you engage in sex, either alone or with another, when you feel your energy (pleasure) building, slow down or stop moving, take several slow, deep breaths and simply feel the energy, allowing it to move throughout your body, then notice how you feel and where the energy wants to go. You have just made first steps into the realm of sacred sexuality.

If you would like support with your process there are many skilled teachers in Ashland that can help you with your next step. Some are listed on our Resources page, and you can also check out the many books we carry at Love Revolution.

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