True Love (or is it just the chocolate?)

by Mitchell Walzer and Brenda Johnson

Four thousand years ago Mesoamerican shamans drank kakaw, the food of the Gods during their sacred ceremonies. The heady beverage of bitter, frothy fermented cacao beans helped to elevate their sublime spiritual experiences. Warriors ate cakes of kakaw and corn for strength and stamina in battle. It was also known for its aphrodisiac qualities.

We’ve all heard of chocolate as the love drug, because in many ways it is. Falling in love releases oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, phenylelthylamine and a cannabinoid called anandamide.  Amazingly, so does eating chocolate.

Together, that chemical cocktail produces the feeling of pleasure, bonding, well-being, mood-enhancement, bliss, and excitement all rolled up into one. The effects are more gentle than falling in love, but they’re still the real deal.

When Ashland hosts the Oregon Chocolate Festival this weekend you might be smiling a bit more than usual. It could be that you’re high on chocolate – or could it be love?

Everyone has the right to feel good in his or her body including you, so we created Love Revolution as your access point, with extensive resources for naturally increasing your happiness. We even sell chocolate!

Now you can have your love and eat it too.

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