Spring into a New Life…

Spring bursts forth with vibrant colors everywhere and with spring is new life.  The trees are forming bright green new buds and the flowering cherry trees are breaking forth in all their glory.  Spring makes us smile and puts a song in our hearts as we come out of the dreary, grey days of winter.

Spring is a time of year when people start making changes in their lives or begin the planning stages of a move.  There are garage sales and yard sales everywhere!  Properties are coming on the market for sale and moving trucks and vans are a common sight.  Spring is a time when some of us begin considering our new life as we near retirement.  Where would I like to live?  What kind of life do I picture myself living?  Perhaps you are not ready to retire but you have parents or grandparents who are at that stage of their lives.  You are not sure where to begin.  You are not alone.  Finding the perfect retirement community can be a daunting task and sometimes a bit overwhelming.

What brings people to Mountain Meadows 55+ Community is often the adult children or grandchildren that live in Ashland or the beautiful Rogue Valley.  Family ties run deep and being close to family is vital to a happy, new life. Ownership of property and being able to build equity in your investment is another reason people come to Mountain Meadows.  Instead of “renting” your living space, you own your living space and are part owner of the amazing amenities in the community such as the clubhouse, fitness center, 4-acre park and community garden and woodshop.  The homeowners association takes care of most all front yard landscaping and mows lawns so you do not have to.  You can sit on your front porch, enjoy the view and not have to get your hands dirty.  If you like to garden, however, there is a raised bed community garden that might be of interest to you.

This community is composed of a variety of people with amazing life stories.  They are people, like you and me; like our parents or grandparents, who fell in love with Ashland and the beautiful 27+ acres of Mountain Meadows.  They enjoy fine dining, inspirational forums and musical performances, involvement in committees, fitness and exercise classes and developing new friendships.  New life begins in Mountain Meadows…Spring into your New Life today.

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