Pathways of Life…

Our lives lead us in so many different and diverse directions. For some our path is higher education and degrees to better our futures. For some our path is focused on raising families. For yet others, it is a combination of both – juggling career and family. Eventually for most all of us, it is time to enjoy retirement – relaxing and spending time with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The pathway to retirement can lead in many directions too. For some, retirement is a facility that offers levels of care as needs change and decision making is taken out of their hands. With the changing care levels comes changes in prices as well but this system works for some people.

For some retirees, however, a more independent lifestyle where the decision making is left to them, is what they want. Many retirees are not “really” retired – they are “re-fired” and looking to be involved with the community they live in. The idea of up-front buy-in fees where large sums of money are deposited and never seen again is not desirable. The desire to remain in control and have choices and be a part of a vibrant community IS desirable and what many retirees are looking for. For many, this “desire” leads them on a pathway to Mountain Meadows 55+ Community.

Equity ownership is one of the significant advantages of coming to Mountain Meadows. In purchasing your new home, you will be making an investment for your future and for your heirs. You do not have to make a costly “buy in,” so you will be able to retain more of your capital to invest and spend as you wish. You will not be supporting a corporate structure as this community is owned and operated by the owners themselves through an elected board of directors.

Mountain Meadows owners are supported by a management company that takes care of day to day operations and provides administrative services. Residents can take part in serving on boards, committees, task forces and get involved in interest groups. Residents enjoy the variety of activities available to them daily including fitness center, indoor pool, game room, and working in the community garden.

If life’s pathway is leading you in the direction of a beautiful setting where ownership and independence is key, follow the pathway to Mountain Meadows 55+ Community – you will be so glad that you did! See our full page advertisement with all our listings of beautiful single family homes and condominiums! Call us to schedule a tour today!

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