Love Revolution – Viva La Revolucion!

Viva La Revolucion!

by Mitchell Walzer and Brenda Johnson

Ever wonder how Ashland’s first intimacy boutique started? It all started with a dream…

A Dream

A society that fosters healthy, loving relationships and individuals would be a happier and healthier place to live, right? In a world without shame, just maybe we would all love and accept ourselves as we are. Oh, and we’d be nice to each other too.


As a couple, we were high on love, imagining what it could be like to create an uplifting space where we could each learn to appreciate our own body and create healthy, sustainable relationships; a beautiful place where talking about sexuality could feel safe and honoring; a place that activates the senses. Yes, we were inspired to inspire, and the seeds of Love Revolution were sown.


Optimistic yet naive, we got to work, soon realizing there were big obstacles: Ashland landlords shied away and lending institutions said to come back in two years. One business owner even told us they didn’t want “our kind” here and said we’d be a blight on Ashland. It’s no wonder there was fear – we were asking them to envision something that had never been done before – to see past the old model of “sex shop.” So we pressed on, or rather, our vision pulled us forward, to find the right people and institutions that had the insight and courage to support us. What we were doing was different, fresh, healthy and we knew it.


Revolutions are always edgy. And fundamental changes always rock the status quo. With our blood, sweat, and tears, the details were put in place, one by one, forming a first-class boutique and adult education venue. When we opened in the summer of 2011 the people said ‘yes.’ Friends and many community members believed that Love Revolution could be an asset to Ashland and valuable to changing beliefs about sexuality, and that the time had come.

The Shop

Here we are 3-1/2 years later and the local community has come out to prove that the dream is viable. 100+ classes and already a new, larger, street-level location, helping people know and love themselves and accept their sensual expression each day. We’re happy to report that Love Revolution is growing and flowering along with its customers.

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