Getting Your Joy Back

Suicide among the elderly is on the rise. In the Rogue Valley, many older people lost their homes in the fires, which left them without precious mementos and a vibrant community structure that supported them. Many are still coping with extensive loss. Many older people (that you may even know) are “food insecure” – meaning they are having to make hard choices in their already strained budgets, such as whether to eat or pay rent. One 39-year study found that people between the ages of 70 and 79 are most at risk. The presence of chronic and debilitating diseases, often accompanied by profound psychological suffering, is a stimulus for suicide among men, whereas mental state is a significant risk factor for women, with the majority suffering from depression. Psychological and biological changes, cognitive deficits and common diseases may cause depression. Neurofeedback, when used alone or as an adjunct to therapy, can be useful in helping people to recover from cumulative stress, trauma and reduced function due to overwhelming life experiences.


Here is a new testimonial from one of our inspiring clients, who responded beautifully to brain training:

“My emotional and physical life have been altered by the Almeda fire and a very negative relationship. I would cry every day (for no reason, I thought) and be depressed, lacking that precious spice for life. I had talk therapy with no obvious results. Then I decided to try the Iasis Neurofeedback method.

I must admit that I was apprehensive and doubtful before starting but I attended the12 sessions by trusting the process…

The Iasis Neurofeedback has re-balanced my nervous system. I don’t stress anymore about everything, but most important to me, I don’t cry anymore and I have regained my zest for life and my creative self.

As I said, I trusted the process, and Suzanne’s understanding, knowledge and caring presence have been a tremendous plus to the scientific method. I appreciated the multiple sharings and numerous contacts that she gave me. Thank you Suzanne, for your loving and caring presence during the sessions!”

J.L., Phoenix

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