Homing In: Exploring Your Nesting Instinct

On August 2nd I will be teaching my one-day “Homing-In” seminar, here in Ashland. If you are thinking of building a home and if you are interested in building a natural, healthy and ecological home, then this seminar is designed for you. In the seminar you will learn about the Building Biology Principles for health and ecology. We will explore and compare various alternative, nature-based ways of building and most importantly my goal is to awaken and inspire your unique nesting instinct so that you can get the very most out of the incredible process of creating your home.

If you have always dreamt of living in a home tailored to your needs, your site, your values and aesthetics, then creating from scratch is a wonderful adventure. If your dream is to create a healthy and ecological home of natural materials then you need to prepare yourself well because almost everything about the conventional way of creating a dream home in this country will challenge you; from sourcing pure materials, to getting a proper real estate appraisal. You will be called upon to make a myriad of decisions and your choices will shape your life and the life of all those who will come to live in your creation after you

With health and ecology as your priorities you have the opportunity to create a legacy for future generations at a juncture in history where we are in dire need of inspirational examples. With alternative, nature-based design and construction there are three things to keep in mind:

You are a pioneer. This involves breaking new ground…you will need fortitude!
You are not alone. Much of this “road less traveled” has already been paved for you and you already have solid shoulders to stand on.  When you build it, they will come! Your new home will speak of your passionate commitment to a better future. It is both generous and necessary to share your accomplishment with others.

Building a home is something that most people have no prior training to do. It can be a joyous opportunity to bring your unique expression into the world! I designed my seminar to nurture this process. I hope you can join me in my own home for a day of intimate exploration of all that home can be!

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