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How to Approach a Cancer Diagnosis with Botanical Medicine – with Dr. Susan Saccomanno of Mederi Center

Have you been diagnosed with cancer? If yes, you have most likely encountered the labyrinthine medical system and its strict guidelines for treatment or been frustrated by having so few resources for individualized care to improve your overall health. During this talk, I’ll share how I work with cancer using a patient-centered approach that involves an in-depth inquiry into your existing health, detailed labs, and a thorough examination of your pathology reports. We’ll discuss how I use botanical and nutritional strategies in concert with conventional oncology to support you in fully optimizing your health. It’s possible to thrive and live with cancer!

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Mederi Center

The mission of the Mederi Center is to optimize health, promote longevity, and improve the quality of life of those facing chronic diseases, especially cancer; and to provide a comprehensive approach toward the transformation of healthcare for individuals and institutions.

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