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Hi Wendy,

Here ya go!


Below is the interview:

Please feel free to change or modify any of my questions to meet your needs and best represent what you seek to accomplish. Also please email me your final interview edited and ready to go. Please attach 1 – 3 high resolution photographs. Some of the best interview I have published are simply the result of people being themselves and

having a good time sharing what they do with the community.

Deadline for the interview would be Monday November 1st 2010
Please email final edited copy to

Please also include 2-3 high resolution photos.


Title: Ask Wendy

Introduction: Everyday around the world people reach out to one another in search of advice. Advice for finding the best doctors, mechanics, hair cutters, child care providers… relationships! You name it, and people are searching for trusted sources with relevant and valuable information.


I recently connected with Wendy Eppinger founder and owner of “Ask Wendy” a free local professional referral service. What does this mean exactly? It means that if you are in the middle of remodeling your home, doing x y or z you call Wendy and get help. Wendy helps you by getting you connected with the her “A” list of tride and true service providers.  She’s done the hard work of going out and find the best people to get your job done and now she is available to help you!


That’s right, no more wasting your time, searching and hoping that the job gets done right.

This is about the power of local networking.


Sound interesting… I thought so!

Wendy, thanks for doing this interview with us today. First of all I would like to congratulate you on you’re idea and creation for your business “Ask Wendy”. This is simply a great idea and it seems like you have found a way to create real value for both your clients and their customers.

Can you start by sharing a little about how you were inspired to create this business and how it actually works?

What goes into your criteria for choosing a local businesses to represent?

Share a little bit about your own learning experiences involved in remodeling your own home and how you went about getting referrals and finding relevant and valuable information for getting your jobs done?

Obviously the type of service you provide saves, time, saves money, probably even a lot of headaches or heart aches as it might be. Can you talk a little bit about this?

You currently represent more than 65 different referral categories, can you give us a quick run down on that?

How are local people connecting with and finding you?

So, people can actually call you for free and you are happy to talk with them?

How do you make money, do people pay you a fee to get referrals?

What is a referral doesn’t turn out good for someone, can they provide this feedback to you?

Talk a little bit about your own experience and views of community networking and building sustainable economies. How does the business you are running help keep money locally and support  local service providers?

What are some of the most common projects you assist people with?

What might be a project someone is working on at this very moment that you could help them quickly navigate through?

Ok, how do people get a hold of you?

Do you only talk on the phone or do you come over to people’s houses to consult with them as well?

Any last thoughts or comments for our readers?

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