Inward Bound Wellness

Inward Bound Wellness
611 Siskiyou Boulevard #10
Ashland, OR 97520-2185
When I came to Celina, I was suffering from severe sciatic pain running down my left leg.   I have always been amazingly active and I was barely getting around.  After a few months I began to notice a startling difference in my pain level and functional mobility.  Now, after one year, I am back to skiing biking and hiking and am able to use Pilates as an equalizer to help me perform all other activities with strength, flexibiltiy and awareness. . .Brian Foster
Just walking into Inward Bound Wellness shifts my energy.  It’s quiet yet energizing.  It’s a big facility, yet intimate.  It has a serene beauty mixed with a torture chamber vibe.  Those Gyrotonic Towers are crazy!   It’s the yummiest torture I’ve ever felt! . . .Natalie Brenner
I can’t believe I’ve found a center where everything I love is under one roof!   I gather my core together in my Pilates lesson, then I expand my energy outwards in my Gyrotonic lesson.  Later that same week,  I nurture my soul in my Kundalini class, and then, when I really want to treat myself, I indulge in one of Steve’s amazing Thai Yoga Massages.  Then I feel so open and flexible, I’m ready to gather my core together again! . . .Heather Roth
I’m amazed at how varied all of your teaching is when it comes to Pilates.  I get something different from each of you.  And yet, you all compliment each other so well.  I also would like to send you so much gratitude for opening the Yoga Swap Shop.   I love recycling my clothes and I love to buy consignment yoga clothes since that’s pretty much all I wear!. . .Jill Diamond
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