Paddy Brannan’s Irish Pub

I’ve been an Oregon resident for quite awhile, and in that time I’ve visited numerous bars and pubs in the area. Although I’ve had pleasant experiences in many of them, I most frequently find myself Paddy Brannan’s Irish Pub. Being a connoisseur of Irish Pubs, this particular establishment hits everything on my checklist, from the impressive seafood selection to the live music that seems to flow through the pub every time I wander inside.

At first glance, this quaint little pub may seem like a quiet hole in the wall up Second Street, but if you take a closer look it is clear that this place stands with reserved class, a testament to real Irish Pub culture. This little brick hideout boasts a full menu with everything from fresh baked Guinness Bread to salmon, fish and chips, and mouth-watering bowls of Irish stew or clam chowder. Paddy Brannan’s is more than just another watering hole; it is Irish cuisine at its best.

If you enjoy the live music scene in Ashland, do not overlook this pub! It possesses some of the finest acoustic Irish musicians I have heard in Southern Oregon. Every week there are Celtic performers, composed of mandolin, whistle, drum, guitar, banjo, bagpipe players and many more I have yet to hear. Paddy’s seems to attract artists who desire the atmosphere found inside pubs in Ireland. At times I have heard the whole pub singing along to the classics performed by Circlin’ Shannon or Local Drone, two of the various weekly gigs lined up at Paddy Brannan’s.

Aside from the culture that resonates from this hole in the wall, the service does not go overlooked. A well-informed staff is waiting, ready to chat your ear off during the selection process of which whiskey to start the night with, or which of the nine taps to attack first. Unlike most pubs, Paddy’s prioritizes its wall of whiskey and tap handles with numerous Irish selections, like Harp, Smithwick’s, hard ciders and of course Guinness. Its whiskey selection is composed of almost 20 choices of Irish whiskey alone! The other 30 bottles you need to discover on your own!

If you find yourself looking for a place to bring the family, a quick pint after work during happy hour or even just the opportunity to meet new people, this local hideout is a great place to start. The capacity is rather small only allowing 50 or so people, making its difficult to find a seat sometimes. Maybe you were not expecting karaoke on your date night, or you forgot to bring a dollar to put on the ceiling, chances are you will still have a memorable night. This little hole-in-the-wall pub is truly Ashland’s little pot of gold!

Written By Alex Adsitt

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