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Next time you’re struggling to connect your home electronic devices, whether it’s audio or video systems, make sure to give Josh Sommers a call. For the past eight years now, Josh has been helping people literally get untangled in their current setups. Josh can help you properly install & set up your new audio and video equipment, as well as streamline your current entertainment system. From Blu-ray players to Apple TV, surround sound, gaming systems, Netflix and more, you can rest assured Josh can get you set up properly the first time.

Josh, thanks for speaking with us today. Many of our readers will recognize you from your previous position at RadioShack in Ashland. Can you talk about this and then tell us about your business Audio & Video Solutions?

Yes, thank you. I worked at RadioShack in Ashland for about eight years and got to help people with a wide variety of electronics. What I enjoyed most was helping people solve the problems that were frustrating them. I frequently received questions about cell phones, routers, and how to set up Netflix. While working at RadioShack, people began to ask if there was anyone who could come out to their house and help them set up their devices. I gradually started doing side jobs in my off time and it grew into a small business. I didn’t have a name for the business for a while, but eventually when I decided to advertise I came up with the name “Audio and Video Solutions,” which seemed to sum up what I do.

Josh, can you tell us what you specialize in? Please tell us about your specific skills and strengths you bring to the table.

I specialize in solving problems with the living room entertainment center. TVs, DVD players, stereo systems etc. I am especially good with people. I’m a good listener and a patient problem solver.


Please tell us about some of the additional services you offer.

These are some of the things I commonly do:
-Set up Netflix on various devices (Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire etc)
-Configure surround sound speaker systems
-Hook up Blu-ray and DVD players
-Connect existing cable boxes and antennas to new TV’s

I can usually help with a wide variety of devices. I do have my limitations of course, but generally I can find a solution or refer people to someone who can.

Josh, surround sound systems can be especially challenging. Can walk us through a recent installation and setup you just did?

Yes, I get a lot of calls for help with surround sound speaker systems. Often people need help connecting their other devices to the stereo, or some of the speakers aren’t working. I’ve gotten good at adjusting settings to get all the speakers working and synchronizing their devices to work together. I recently did a job for a couple that was particularly challenging. They had a mixture of speakers from different set-ups and wires that were spliced together by a family friend years ago. Some of the wires were run under the house, from one side of the living room to the other. I had to un-do what the previous person had done and then wire things back together. It took two visits but I was able to get everything working well and even hook up some additional components that the customer had.


Oftentimes, people might try to set up their own systems only to end up calling you in a moment of desperation.

Yes, a lot of the calls I get are from people who have tried to hook up their new equipment and have run into problems. Be sure to call me before it gets too frustrating, but either way I can help you. I bring a calm and systematic approach to the table that will allow you to rest assured that things will be set up properly.

Please share a recent success story with us.

Well, aside from the speaker wiring job that I mentioned before, I had another surround sound-related job that same week. There was a mess of tangled wires when I got there, so the first thing was to untangle and separate the wires for the five speakers. I checked all the connections at the receiver (amplifier) and then it was a matter of finding the right settings to get all the speakers working. I was not having any luck for a while, but then I tried another setting, and finally they all started working! I was relieved and the customer was very happy. Surround sound can be a tricky thing :)

Here’s a couple of customer testimonials:
“For about six years now, Josh Sommers has been a reliable and helpful source of technical help in my work. He pursues a problem until it’s solved. I recommend him highly for his ability and his energy in helping to solve operational problems.”
– Bob Davy, Audio/Video Transfers, Ashland.  

“Josh is great! He came to our house and organized our TV & entertainment system so we can really enjoy it. We were very pleased with his work.”
– Diane Johnson

Josh, you’ve probably seen some incredible home theater setups here in the valley.

Yeah, I’ve definitely seen some impressive setups in my years of doing this. Depending on how much the person wants to spend, there’s a lot of potential for upgrading and customizing your living room entertainment center. The cost can range from about a thousand dollars for a medium size TV & surround sound, to several thousand for large screen TV’s and high-end audio systems. At this time I don’t do wall mounting of TV’s and speakers, but I’m looking to add those services in the near future. I’ve always been passionate about things like movies, music and video games, and from a young age I imagined setting up a really cool system where I could enjoy those experiences with optimal picture and sound. When I bought my condo a few years ago, I was able to gradually set up a modest but high-quality home theater experience in my living room. I managed to come up with something that didn’t break the bank but delivered the experience that I wanted. These days a lot of people are buying high-quality TV’s and surround sound systems for their living rooms as well. I realize that for many people it can be confusing to set up these devices and get them working the way you want. I can take care of this for you. In my years at RadioShack, I learned to listen carefully to my customers’ needs and I became an excellent problem solver. I’m good with people and I’ve been told I’m a good teacher. I try to explain things in a way they can understand. Often my customers will take notes while I’m there to refer to after I leave.


Do you ever offer advice for people shopping for a new home entertainment system?

Yes, I’m happy to give advice or recommendations, Call me anytime.

Josh, can you help with setting up universal remotes?

Yes, I have lots of experience with universal remotes. I can generally program them quickly and show people how to easily control their devices with it.

Do you have any tips you can share with our readers than can help with their personal audio and video setup?

Well, I would say one important thing to remember is that if you’ve tried for a while to connect something and it’s just not working, try taking a break and walking away for a little while. Then when you come back to it, try to look for what you might have missed. If the wires are properly connected, It’s often in the settings.


Josh, what are some frequent comments or questions you receive from your customers?

Many people need help with setting up Netflix on multiple devices, others ask about connecting their printers over WiFi, and I also get a lot of calls for help with setting up antennas to get local channels. I help a lot of seniors in Ashland, and one of them asked me a funny question recently. He said “How do they expect people like us to figure this stuff out?”

Last but not least, you really enjoy working with customers of all ages. Please say more about this.

Yeah, I enjoy helping people in general, from seniors to young people. It’s always nice when I can solve a problem and make someone happy. I can do it on my own or I can teach and assist you along the way. Give me a call, I’m happy to help.

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