Kevin Geyer

Kevin Geyer

Manager of Dollar Tree in Ashland

Born: Central Point, current Ashland resident of 6 years

If you love a place and the people in it, you just can’t imagine living anywhere else. Kevin Geyer is just such that person. If you’ve ever been to the Ashland Dollar Tree, then you probably already know Kevin. A lifetime Rogue Valley resident, Kevin has a big family, most of who have lived in the Valley all their life. Kevin says, “My father-in-law was born and raised here, and my dad too. My mom’s lived here most of her life, too.” Kevin continues to run into many people he grew up with, from family to friends to former classmates. Having lived in Central Point most of his life, Kevin and his family moved to Ashland six years ago and have loved the location change ever since.

I know family is very important to you; it’s one of the reasons you’ve lived your whole life in the Rogue Valley. Will you tell me about your family and what it’s been like living and raising children here?

Well, my wife’s name’s Brenda. I don’t know whether to call her my wife or my best friend, because she’s both. Our oldest boy’s Ryan; he lives in Hawaii. Then there’s my daughter Lindsy; I got 3 beautiful grandbabies because of her. We have a son named Adam, then there’s Josh, and our youngest, Savannah. All of them live here, except for Ryan of course. I think Ashland is one of the most beautiful places there is, especially to raise families. We got an awesome community of people here. It’s a smaller town, less crime. It’s just a beautiful town, a beautiful town.

Where are some of your favorite places to go around Ashland?

I like going up to the reservoir and going down to Lithia. I like walking downtown in the Plaza. I love going up in the woods. And, the best part is we have that all right here.

Where’s your favorite place to eat?

Yuan Yuan, the chicken phad thai!

There are numerous rumors around about how you go out of your way for your customers and your community, especially young children and the elderly. You’ve even started local toy and food drives. Can you tell me a little about that?

I just like to treat people the way they like to be treated. I love this community. I like dealing with the people; everybody’s unique and everybody’s different. I think everybody needs to pull together and help each other. If there is somebody in need, help them out.

Here at the store we’ve done donations for ICCA, with the public’s help. One day, I was talking with a woman I knew who used to run ICCA. She said they were really low on food and toiletries. Back then I was an assistant, so I talked with management and we decided to do a fundraiser for ICCA. We also do Toys-For-Tots and AFS. Right now, .we are taking donations of school supplies for the local elementary schools to give out to those families who can’t afford their own.

I ask Kevin’s assistant manager Roy what he thinks of the boss.

He’s done a lot to improve the store, and we’ve been doing great ever since he took over.

I also got the chance to ask Paul, a regular Dollar Tree customer, what he thinks of Kevin.

He’s a great guy. He’s always here; he’s always cheerful. He knows his store; he knows where everything is, so I never have to look around. I just say, ‘Kevin, where’s the fly swatters,’ and he points me in the right direction.”

What is Kevin’s dream?

My dream is to semi-retire by the time I’m 55. Just my wife and I traveling around and camp hosting.



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